HumBird Wool + Hemp Flats Review – Newborn

Humbird Wool and Hemp Flats – Newborn

I recently received the opportunity to try Humbird wool and hemp flats. I was just recently introduced to wool and after trying it, I am hooked! When you think of wool, what do you think of? Scratchy wool sweaters! Humbird wool is definitely not scratchy and nothing like you would think. I really do not realize how I survived diapering kids without it! Cloth diapers, disposables, trainers, or even if your child is already potty trained it is perfect for every child.

humbird wool and hemp flats review

Dawn Jesse, the owner and creator behind Humbird, is the sweetest kindest lady I have ever met. She makes it a point to make sure all your questions, and I had a million, are answered. She works tirelessly to provide all her customers with the best service and exceptional products.  She happily answers questions through her Facebook group, through email, or even through PM. She is a WAHM that started the company after starting to make cloth diapers for her own 2 girls. She is based out of Germany but don’t let that scare you. She speaks perfect English as she is originally from the US. I was afraid the items I ordered would take forever to reach me, but it was just the opposite. Most items took about a week to get here. That’s quicker than shipping from some places in the US! Also, her wool is from mulesing free sheep and the yarn is Oeko Tex certified. Humbird wool is interlock and not knit. Interlock is felted or shrunk so putting it in the washer or even the dryer is alright. It does not need to be washed by hand, although that is the recommended wash so it doesn’t wear out as fast.

Wool Features:

  • Can be customized to any size your child may be
  • Is antimicrobial
  • With lanolization is water resistant
  • Only needs to be washed sparingly
  • Can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture
  • Has amazing breathability so it can be worn in warm or cold weather
  • Can be machine washed on a gentle cycle

I have 2 children in diapers right now, a newborn and a 1-year-old. They are both super heavy wetters. I struggled with diapering my 1-year-old at nights until I discovered wool. He now wears a Humbird diaper cover or Humbird pants to bed over his nighttime fitted diaper.  Since using wool, I have not had to wash wet sheets or blankets in the morning! My newborn also wears a Humbird diaper cover over a fitted to bed and I haven’t had any issues with leaks.

humbird wool and hemp flats review

humbird wool and hemp flats review

Humbird wool also works when the kids want to go play outside in the snow, rain, sand, and mud. My 4 year old and 1 year old played outside in a recent snowfall with just a pair of Humbird pants on. When they came inside an hour later, their legs were warm and dry! In the fall, my 1 year old got into the sand box before I could stop him wearing Humbird pants. I thought for sure I would need to wash them. Nope! The sand brushed right off and kept his legs clean! Wool really can be used for every occasion and season.

I also tried out Humbird hemp flats. Those took a little bit of practice since I wasn’t used to folding and pinning flats. Once I got the folding down, I discovered that these flats are awesome! They are soft and stretchy. They are made from hemp and organic cotton. One side is smooth and the other side looks like terry cloth and has loops. You would fold the Humbird flat so the loops are on the inside. My favorite for my newborn is the origami fold. My newborn is a heavy wetter so the flat did not last as long as I expected it to, but once I put a small washcloth in the wet zone it was great! I put a Humbird diaper cover over it and it was perfect! The Humbird flat did not shrink or get stiff or hard as some hemp flats are prone to do. After many many washes it is still as soft as the day I received it.

humbird wool and hemp flats review

humbird wool and hemp flats review



Overall Opinion

I definitely recommend Humbird wool and flats! The wool will get many uses and it lasts as your baby grows. One size is will last for a good many months or even years. My children have definitely put it through its paces and it has not one single hole or snag. My sensitive girl even loves it! Plus, the colors that  Humbird offers is amazing! New colors come out every month. It is definitely worth the money.

Shop at HumBird’s online store and join the HumBird BST & Chat group for chatter and sneak peek of preorder wool!

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is the experienced Mom of 6! She practices natural parenting and makes one of the best handmade fitted diapers I’ve tried. Please make sure to like Elizabeth’s shop Purple Unicorn Diapers on Facebook. She handmakes clothing and fitted diapers! Join her BST group page for limited runs of fabrics and

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