How to Save Money on Organic Food and Groceries

     I try my best to buy my family organic food. Organic groceries have been proven to be higher in nutritional value, free from chemicals and tastier. However, they often come with a higher price tag. Bottom line is, Organic groceries cost more then non-organic. It costs farmer’s more to produce quality items that are free from chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbacides, genetically modified seeds…meaning crops can be smaller, less perfect looking and require more man power. 

     Higher cost is the most common reason Organic groceries aren’t in every fridge, and it’s the most common reason I’m given for not buying organic. However, there is good news for families looking to save is that the margin between pesticide containing crops and organics is closing, and there are many ways to save on Organic goods. I have been shopping for 12 years for Organic Groceries and will share my tips and trick for Saving Money. With these methods, you’ll find that the price gap isn’t so wide, and it’s easier to purchase organics then ever. 


     I strongly believe that the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ is 100% true. Foods we consume are extremely important not only for our health, but also for the environment and the world we are leaving to our children’s children. I started buying organic foods over 12 years ago and the purchases I make today are increasingly important. As a Mom of 4 babies, I want the foods we eat to build strong, healthy and happy children. I make every effort to fill our cart with 100% organic foods; not ‘Natural’ labeled foods…but actually certified Organic groceries.
    Organic food comes with a special certification, anything labeled “natural” “Non-GMO” or “healthy” isn’t organic unless it’s also certified organic. These words are phrases companies are using to trick consumers into purchasing their products which are full of ingredients we’re trying to avoid. What other labels are important? Non-GMO is another label you may come across, and while having Non-GMO foods is also important, unless they are certified organic too…these products are not organic. Read more about GMO foods. Although Organic foods are required to be Non-GMO… I often see Organic products with the Non-GMO label as well to drive home the point.
     One major advantage I have found of organic foods over non-organic is quality. I’m sure there are companies out there stretching to reach the bare minimum for organics, however even the bare minimum requirements for Organic foods blow non-organics out of the water.
     Bottom line is that it costs more to grow organic foods. Without synthetic fertilizers and the ritual hosing down of genetically modified plants with toxic pesticides, crops are smaller. As the market continues to get more competitive, the cost for Organic foods will decrease through supply and demand. I hope that someday Organic groceries will make their way into everyone’s cart and become the norm. Until then I am often asked…’how do you save money and still buy quality organic groceries?’
     One great way to save on Organic Groceries are coupons!! Were do you find them? There are several websites that offer Organic coupons and I have also had luck contacting companies directly through their website or e-mail and politely asking for some. Below you’ll find a list of websites and companies I have had luck with. If you have any that help you, please message me so I can add them. I’d love to have a good collection of helpful links.
1.  Printable Coupons

  Printable coupons come in many forms. There are websites like that many are familiar with, but often companies will offer a coupon directly through e-mail or their social media page like Facebook. Many websites including Stonyfield Farms offer printable coupons that refresh for your e-mail address (or addresses) every month. Don’t miss out!

Whole Foods Markets

2. Snail-Mail coupons

     Look in your cupboards. See products you just can’t live without, and would like to save on? Send a personal e-mail message, or make a phone call to the company and request coupons. I have good luck with this method and many companies including Santa Cruz Organic, Woodstock Farms, Bolthouse Farms, and Stonyfield. Some companies have policies about sending out coupons every so many months at a consumer’s request, so mark your calendar!

3. Senior Citizen Day

     Check with your local supermarket. Tuesdays here Senior Citizens get 5-10% off groceries!!! Nothing like taking Grandma along for the trip to save a bundle on food. This percentage, in combination with coupons really helps out the grocery bill, and Grandma loves coming shopping with my brood.

4. Constructive Feedback

    If you purchase something and find that it doesn’t meet your expectations….call. Companies often value constructive feedback about their products…and are happy to send out a refund, or replacement coupons for additional products so you can try something else.

5. Look for In-Store Deals, Clerance and Bargains.

    Be flexible. If supermarkets get a good deal, often they pass it onto consumers. Maybe you were planning on having chicken, but the supermarket is offering $1 off Organic Pasta. Spaghetti it is! We recently took a trip to Wegmans and found they were offering $1 coupons off their new organic pasta varieties and took home 4. We regularly find organic meat clearance, that needs to be used or frozen in a day or two and take advantage of seasonal organic goods that are often at a great price!

6. Discount Grocery Stores

     Recently I discovered P&R, however some Moms love shopping at Aldi’s! This store, local to me, offers organic groceries that are near to expiration at huge discounts. I buy organic popped corn that runs $4 at my regular grocery store for .99 a bag! The list goes on and on. It’s a great way to save and my family eats groceries quickly. 

As always…thank you for stopping by! I always appreciate a ‘follow’ and comments. Have a great day! 

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