How to Get a MommyCon VIP Ticket and Release Dates

      If you’re going to MommyCon, you must first buy a general admission ticket. You can use coupon code STJEL16 for a discount on this ticket. This pass is for general admission day, typically on Saturday. Next, you have to watch for VIP release dates and rush to get your tickets. VIP day happens an entire day before general admission day, usually Friday. After buying your general admission ticket, there are several options. First, you buy the VIP ticket with goodie bag. In the past, this has included an entire baby carrier and other full-sized items with a value way over the $100 purchase price. After you buy the VIP ticket, you can make additional  for classes that have amazing goodies. Recent VIP ticket release dates include:

  • May 14: MommyConATX‬ and MommyConDC‬ VIP tickets are released.
  • July 9: ‪‎MommyConOC‬ and MommyConORL‬ VIP tickets are released.
  • September 17: MommyConSJ‬ VIP tickets are released.

     So, in short. First. Buy general admission ticket. Second. Buy VIP bag at a later date. Third. Buy add-on classes with purchase of VIP ticket to get goodie bag and other swag with very limited VIP classes. In the past, I wished I had attended the CottonBabies class! Attendees left with great diaper packages and I hope to get in this year! Get your fast fingers ready. See MommyCon event dates.

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