Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipe

DIY Sugar Scrub Recipe
     Every year for Christmas I like to give gifts to friends, family, and those who help us year round. The Pediatrician’s office, the Veterinarian, our Postal carrier, etc. One of my favorite items to gift are bath and body treats. I want to give those who help care for my family something to make them feel pampered, and the Holidays are a perfect time to do it. Here’s a homemade sugar scrub recipe I have used for years.
     Last year I realized my budget for gifting had gone down, while the people on this list was going up. I was shopping at a popular body store, where I often buy pampering gifts, and was shocked to see that sugar scrub was $16 for 13 ounces! Yikes! A can of soda is 12 oz, so as you can imagine, this is not a lot of sugar scrub, and many of the ingredients were unpronounceable and foreign to me.
     I was pleasantly surprised to come across DIY sugar scrub recipes from popular websites like Imperial Sugar and Food.com, but wanted to see what I could make with ingredients easy to find in the local grocery store.
     Sugar scrub has many benefits including exfoliating and moisturizing skin, however scrubs from popular stores may be expensive and filled with questionable ingredients. DIY sugar scrub allows you to make a great product without chemicals or preservatives, customize your own blend and the varieties are only as limited as your imagination.
Supply List for Sugar Scrub Recipe:

1. Scrub Containers (here I used new jelly jars I had at home)
2. Sugar (may be a blend of sugars, or standard white depending on recipe)
3. Oil (Olive, coconut, etc.)
4. Essential Oil for scenting
5. Decorative accent for jars (optional)

Project cost:  (prices as of 10/20/13)
Okay, so this is an amazing price to make a great quality product for lots of people! I found
* Ball jelly jars at our grocery store 12 – 12oz, 9 – 24/oz for $9.99!
* Sugar (Wegmans brand 5lb 1.99)
*Olive Oil (extra virgin Wegmans 101.4oz $17.99, This oil I found at Price Chopper on sale $9.99)
*Essential oils (vary on price by oil type)
– I did not use all of the supplies purchased, and used the remaining product for cooking, and the oils for personal batches of sugar scrub I make before bath time at home!
Step 1: Fill Jars a bit more then 3/4 of the way with sugar. (right) There should be enough room left in the jar for your giftee to stir the scrub without having the product spill over the sides.

Step 2: Slowly pour enough oil into each jar to cover sugar. (left) I found this was done easiest by lining the jars up and pouring one right after another on my kitchen counter.
Step 3: Allow oil to sink into sugar. (right) It’s not absorbed by the sugar, but will fill the spaces between the granules.The color of the oil will determine the color or your final product, as you can see this oil is green and great for Christmas!

Step 4: Continue steps 2 &3 until jars are full enough for oil to sit on top of sugar, or to desired consistency.

Step 5: Add 2-3 drops of essential oil(s) less or more to preference. Some essentials are pictured (right), for this batch I used Eucalyptus, lavender, and peppermint. Leaving the product unscented is also okay too!

Step 6: Garnishment. For this batch, I used a hot glue gun and red ribbon. I placed 1 drop of glue on the back of each lid to stabilize the ribbon. (left) Obviously you should be careful and follow manufacturers instructions with your glue gun.

I added a GiGi wax application stick (right) as a stirrer and tied a bow around it with the ribbon. (bottom). If you visit any craft store, or possibly you may have something perfect in your supplies at home, you’ll find that the options for garnishment are endless.

Here is the finished product! I made 12 of these last year, and picked up jars on sale to make double this year! Due to the fact that this is made with natural ingredients and contains no preservatives it does have a shelf life of what one sugar company reports to be about 90 days, so plan accordingly. Happy crafting!
Keep in mind that with any sugar scrub (or beauty product containing oil) that your bath tub will become more slippery then an ice skating arena in January. I’ve found that dish soap is great at removing the oil (also love the commercials with birds getting cleaned!) and helps keep your bath tub free from slip-fall injuries post-scrub.

As always, thanks for stopping by! I appreciate a follow or like and have a great week!

Disclaimer: This is an account of my personal experience making a craft at home. Your experience may vary. Contact your physician with any concern about personal use of ingredients. Do not eat product, or do anything out of the ordinary with it, keep away from children. The statements made here have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure or prevent any disease. This notice is required by the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.



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4 years ago

I will have to try this method. I usually use a mix of bee’s wax, shea butter, coconut oil, and cocoa butter in mine.

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