Grovia Cotton Bamboo Prefold Review and Econobum Comparison

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. These are our prefolds, this post contains affiliate links.

     Prefolds hold a special place in my heart; Econobums were our first cloth diapers! I was so new to cloth that I didn’t know they needed to prepped. I took the diapers directly out of the box and started using them on my baby! Knowing what I know now…I’m surprised they worked so well.
      Our set of Econobums, with 2 covers and 12 cotton prefolds is still in our rotation. I heard good things about four sack towels, but after purchasing them…I still prefer the thickness and design of of a good quality prefold and now use our FSTs for cleaning. I was very excited to try GroVia’s prefolds. The prefolds have a combination of bamboo and organic cotton and I couldn’t wait to prep them and compare! Make sure to read about Green Mountain Prefolds and Workhorses made of prefold material too.

     Grovia’s prefolds come in 4 different sizes and range from $8-$16 for packs of three. I purchased 4 packs of the Infant prefolds and was hoping they would be around the same size as our econobums. The Size 2, or ‘Infant’ are 14″ x 15.5″, however this is an approximate size and ours measured 13.5/8 x 15.5″ before washing. After washing 5 times, they shrunk to 12 7/8″ x 13″, thus shrinking 2.5″ off of total length.You can see the size difference in the before and after photos below with the soaker fold on our GroVia shells.

(Brand new prefold Above, Prepped prefold Below)

     While prepping a natural fiber like cotton and bamboo it not only shrinks, but as you can see above, it also becomes rippled. When you see these changes you know your prefolds are ready to go! Prepping prefolds helps them reach their maximum absorbency and decreases any risk of repelling liquid which is often the culprit for leaks. I was very pleased that after just one wash the Grovia prefolds feet remarkably soft and cushy. I knew they would only get better.

(New out of package above, Prepped below)

     Right out of the package the prefolds feel a bit stiff and are perfectly flat. The stitching around the edges  is color coded and this light blue shade marks the ‘Infant’ size. Sizes range from Newborn to Toddler and the size chart from the Grovia website is below. If you notice the thickness is greater in the middle panel then in the two side panels. For my favorite fold (the soaker above) this isn’t a big deal, but for other folds like the diaper fold (below), it makes pulling the fabric around baby’s sides/legs easier.
     Although these are ‘infant’ prefolds, absorbency has been great for both my 6 month old and 25 month old. The prefolds are soft, moldable and don’t appear as bulky as many of our other cloth diaper options. I have had zero leaks, however I change diapers at least every 2 hours, sometimes more often and always air dry my shells. The soaker fold or trifold is my go-to for prefolds and although I wish I ordered the larger size to account for shrinkage, these fit great for both of my cloth diapered boys. I would highly recommend these for babies of all sizes and ages.

     I have to mention this hole (below). After the 5 prep washes this little hole appeared in 1/12 prefolds. It doesn’t impact function or absorbency, but there it is. I haven’t even made a phone call over it, I imagine I’ll just sew it closed and any others that may develop on these soft absorbent prefolds. So that’s that. I’m using the prefolds with our GroVia Hybrid shells and use them interchangeably with our snap in soakers too.

     So how do these prefolds compare to Econobums?  In the photo below, you can see our well loved Econobum prefold poking out from underneath the GroVia which is lined in blue.

  • Econobums are 100% cotton and GroVias are Bamboo/Organic Cotton blend. 
  • Our GroVia prefolds shrunk into nearly a perfect square, while the Econobums are more rectangular. 
  • While the Econobum prefold is longer, the GroVia prefold is wider.
  • For softest feel, GroVia wins hands down, however after using our Econobums for 20 months and counting I have to give durability to Econobums.
  • Econobums come in 2 sizes; newborn and regular, GroVia come in 4 sizes.
  • Price; Econobums $59.95 for 3 shells and 12 regular prefolds, GroVia no covers, 12 ‘infant’ prefolds for $48 and $56 for ‘infant long.’ Hybrid shells are sold separately for $16.95 (prices subject to change from the company).

     Overall I’m very impressed with the GroVia prefolds…if I plan on ordering more prefolds they’ll certainly be in my shopping cart, but next time I’ll get the bigger size. Shipping costs directly from GroVia were more then one pack of prefolds for my order, and the company recommended that I purchase them from a retailer with shipping deals to reduce this cost. GroVia does offer free shipping over $100, but my order was under that value. They are carried at many retailers, and many companies offer free shipping with a certain value, or coupon codes so be on the lookout for deals!
     As always, thanks for stopping by, and I’m happy to answer any questions or chat! Want to learn more about GroVia and their Hybrid system? Read my review HERE.

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