Green Mountain Diapers Prefold Review

     Prefold diapers were our first cloth diapers! I love the natural fibers, absorbency, ease in washing and the variety of covers that can be used with them. I stuff them into pocket diapers, use them with shells and find they make great night time absorbers too. One of my favorite prefold brands is Green Mountain Diapers! Their Medium prefolds get used daily on all 3 of my cloth diapered babies and I would love to share our prefold samples with you.

     In  my search for organic prefolds I found Green Mountain Diapers after hearing great things from other cloth diapering Moms…I had to check them out. Green Mountain Diapers, a well established company in business since 1998, is a Mom discovered entity operating with a team of 6! This reputable small business offers Cloth-Eez white unbleached organic cotton prefolds as well as many other natural fiber and cloth diapering solutions!! Seriously…check out their website, the selection is amazing. The prefolds (pictured here) come in a huge array of sizes…and if diaper bulk is something that has deterred you from prefolds, fear no more!! There is a size for every baby.
     Organic prefolds are offered in Preemie, Newborn, Small, Intermediate Light Weight, Medium Wide, Medium, Large, and XL Toddler. They are 100% Indian cotton in a 4x8x4 (preemie is 2x6x2) ply (meaning the middle panel is thicker) with strong stitching at the edges, made in Pakistan . I have photos of the 3 prefold samples we have been testing and they are fantastic! This brown large size is overnight quality. I could let my toddler sleep in this overnight! In addition to being absorbent, they are soft and moldable. Seriously, beautiful prefolds! These are now 3 years old and going strong. I would even pass them onto another baby!
     If you’re new to prefolds then you’ll want to know that unlike synthetic fibers…there is a prepping process. New prefolds come very flat, and after 4-5 wash/dry cycles they pucker and shrink. Once they reach this state they are at their maximum absorbency and continue to get softer through use.

     When selecting organic cotton prefolds, make sure to allow for shrinkage. Not only will the products shrink after prepping, but they may shrink a bit more over time. Here you can see the difference between new GMD prefolds (above) and prepped prefolds (below). See how the new prefolds and perfectly flat, and the prepped prefolds dimpled and a bit shorter? This change shows that they’re ready for use and at the maximum absorbency!! Nice prefolds right?!
     My favorite go-to fold for prefolds is the soaker. This allows the prefold to combine all layers for max absorbency by folding it like a brochure. If it seems bulky in the behind, I spread it out into a semi-diaper fold that reminds me of origami…but isn’t nearly as pretty.These prefolds are thick and absorbent and I have had zero leaks with them…but make sure to change my babies about every 2 hours weather they’re saturated or not.

 (Semi-Diaper fold top, Soaker fold bottom)
     Prepped width came out to Small;12.5″, Intermediate 15.5″ (wider then large) and 14.5″ wide for Large prefold (Pictured below). Can you tell that I like to measure things? Keep in mind that these are approximate measurements and your prefolds may adjust differently after prepping and use. I washed and dried these one after another with our other laundry and diaper cycles.
     After over two years of cloth diapering, and cloth diapering two babies….I recommend organic cotton prefolds. If you’re cloth diapering to save money and the composition of the products you use isn’t a concern…microfiber has served us well functionally. Despite occasional odor and ammonia issues, they have been durable and functional. If you’re like me and striving to limit chemicals and chemically composed products from your life…then organic cotton is the way to go. I do have some hemp and bamboo boosters and inserts, but overall absorbency, durability and function go to… guessed it! Prefolds.
     What about covers? Right now we’re working with some PUL covers over our natural fibers, hybrid fitteds and working towards wool over natural fiber and all organic cotton. I feel more secure knowing that the organic cotton is what’s touching my babies skin, even if covered by a synthetic diaper cover, and although I haven’t found any research about adverse or nonadverse impact of these fibers over time…I like to be cautious. 
     Thank you for stopping by and I always appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and love to network on Google! Please make sure to visit the Green Mountain Diapers storeGMD Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!  Have a great day!


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Chelsea Surfus
Chelsea Surfus
4 years ago

I’ve been a little afraid of the prefolds and this really helped demystify the whole thing. Thank you for taking the time to break it down.

Maranda Carlson
Maranda Carlson
4 years ago

I would like to try these for my toddler overnight. I have a couple prefolds from another brand that I bought used and they shrunk up into a short thick puff that can’t be comfortable to lay on. But your pic of the prepped GMD looked nice and soft and in no way bulky.


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