My Green Mattress Review + Coupon

My Green Mattress Review + Coupon

My family has recently gone through a very tough time. When one of our sons was 2-years-old doctors discovered a bone tumor in his leg. Recently, he had his third surgery where an external fixator was placed to lengthen and straighten his leg.  As an Occupational Therapist, I knew what to expect from the fixator but I had no idea how emotionally gut-wrenching this would be for all. I can say that having an amazing mattress, made of the best natural materials available has made this process easier and I want to share this with you!

my green mattress review

Disclosure: I received a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

News about the fixator came on like a whirlwind. We knew fixator surgery was in our 5-year-old’s future but we thought we had more time. The plan was to have an internal fixator placed in his leg when he was 7 and the bone was big enough for an internal device. However, at my son’s checkup with his specialist, they discovered that suddenly his leg stopped growing and the leg was even shorter than before. “It’s time,” the doctor said and before we knew it we were planning for surgery.

The operating room doors closing as they wheeled him in is a horrible feeling. My heart hit the floor as I watched them wheel him off. This surgery involved cutting his bone in half, turning it and placing 5 metal rods that go from the outside to the inside to hold the bone open. Four times a day, an alarm goes off on my phone and I turn the fixator actually making the space between the bone larger and growing his leg. I can not put into words how difficult this has been but I can tell you that having this mattress from my green mattress has been an enormous blessing. I’ve read about the toxic chemicals in other brands and knowing that my green mattress is made from natural materials in the USA is such a relief!

My Green Mattress Features – Natural Escape

  • Made in the USA
  • Natural Escape – beautiful support + bounce
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • 1074 L&P 3-zone, pocketed coil spring system.
    • 15.5 gauge coils at the head and foot, 14.5 gauge
    • nested coils across the middle third of the mattress for lumbar support
    • Heavy 13.5 gauge perimeter coils for a firmer seating edge
  • Three inches of GOLS Certified organic, 100% all-natural Dunlop Latex (22-24 ILD / Density: 65)
  • Soft, GOTS certified organic cotton quilted cover with Oeko-Tex certified natural wool sewn in underneath
    • The wool in the quilted cover acts as a natural flame barrier, therefore our mattresses pass flame testing required by law without the use of dangerous flame retardant chemicals
  • Firmness level = 7 (+/-)   1=softest 10=firmest
  • Each Mattress comes with a 10 Year Warranty and a 100 Night Sleep Trial.
  • Arrived via Fed-Ex rolled up tightly and was easy to open and use immediately!
  • Available in Crib size, Twin, Full, Queen, King and Cal King.
  • Handles on the sides to move mattress and reposition.

Use Coupon $100 off (GREEN100) on any mattress, twin size or above!

my green mattress review

A Mattress is a place of healing and comfort

We spent one week in the hospital and it was terrible. If my son wasn’t screaming he was sleeping from mediation. If you’ve ever spent a night on a hospital mattress, you know how uncomfortable they are. When we arrived home he lit up and was a different child! We prepared him by getting this bed ready with his my green mattress and ordered an adjustable frame a few days before we left for the hospital and he knew it was waiting for him. We covered the mattress with a waterproof cover and it has been his place for rest, where I do his pin cleaning and care after showers, a place to spend time with his brothers playing x-box and building LEGOs and to be honest…everyone wants this mattress. My husband has mentioned several times that we need one for us too!

Firmness level

This mattress is on the firmer side. We have a mattress that I literally sink into, it’s even difficult to get out of…and this mattress is nothing like that! We also have a King sized latex topped mattress that we bought before our kids were born that is indented and not quite this firm either. However, unlike my husband and I’s bed…my green mattress natural escape comes with a 10 year warranty and a 100-night sleep trial! It’s beautifully supportive and great for sleeping on my side, back and even stomach. I’ve spent many nights lying next to my son since his surgery and it has to be the most comfortable mattress I’ve ever slept on.

my green mattress review

my green mattress review

my green mattress review

Additional accessories

In addition to the mattress, we are using a waterproof cover that zippers over the whole mattress I ordered from Target and an adjustable bed frame however, I’m sure a standard frame would work too. We weren’t sure if the mattress would bend well on the moveable frame but it does! I’m also using washable bed pads, my favorite organic cotton deep pocket sheets from Target and of course, pillows.

my green mattress review

my green mattress review


Overall Opinion – Would I Recommend MyGreenmattress?

I would recommend my green mattress and I do all the time! Think about all the hours we spend on our mattresses. Having one without toxic chemicals is so important for babies, children and adults. In a world where everything is made from chemicals, it’s great to know that a mattress can truely be a safe haven that you can rest your head on without worry and with comfort.


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2 years ago

What a difficult your son and your family went through. A friend of mine actually bought this mattress and love it. It was easy to set up and they said the price was awesome.

2 years ago

Hospital mattresses are just the worst. Either they’re too soft or too firm/hard. I think they should give more attention to this detail so they will be more appealing.

Lucy Mills
2 years ago

Wow, this mattress sounds like it really helped! I love that it’s natural and it has a lot of great features! I’m so glad you found something perfect for your baby!

Melissa Chapman
2 years ago

I hope everything turns out well for your son. I am not in the market for a new mattress but this brand is so great sounding and healthy for when we need one.

Elia Garrison
Elia Garrison
2 years ago

This mattress sounds fantastic. I love the organic features that are a necessity for your little man right now. He is such a cutie and I hope he’s back on his feet soon! <3

2 years ago

Oh wow, that surgery sounds scary! Its so hard when they are young like this. You worry for their recovery so much. When I was five I had my neck fused with a bone from my hip. Thankfully kids are resilient but often too eager to move about and not give themselves enough time to heal. This seems like a stellar mattress!

2 years ago

I hope you will have better times coming your way soon! It’s good to know that the Green Mattress has helped your son. We are looking to changes our mattresses so I have to check out this brand asap.

Stephanie Pass
2 years ago

I’m so sorry he’s having to go through this. A good mattress works wonders when you’re recovering. I had to be in the ICU last year when I had my baby, and the mattresses there compared to when they took me up to postpartum were a world of difference. The ICU mattresses were so nice.

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