Glow Bug Cloth Diapers Review

Have you heard of Glow Bug Cloth Diapers? Although they don’t actually light up, thinking about my little fluff butts literally glowing is amusing. Our 6 ‘boy’ diapers (pictured below) offer features including rise snaps, one-size, 360 gusset, pocket with 2-openings, snap-in microfiber insert, and slim-dry fabric. In addition to these features, the diapers come in attractive prints and are very trim. Take a look at our Glow Bug diaper review below:

There was a knock on my door. I opened it and there stood a Fed-Ex delivery man holding a soft package that appeared to be made from a black garbage bag and tape. I signed for it and took it inside and out of the cold. I quickly noticed that the return address was in Singapore. I had no idea what this could be.

My kids helped bring the mysterious package inside and opened it to find…..(dun dun dun – suspense…) our Glow Bug Cloth Diapers. At first I was skeptical about the delivery – but then I thought…what a great way to cut down on fuel use and packaging. Instead of shipping to a store, then to my house…they came right from the source! (Diaper backs pictured below)

Two main features that differentiate Glow Bug cloth diapers from other brands are; 360 gusset and a pocket that opens on both ends for easy access to a snap-in microfiber insert. The 360 gusset is great for containing the kind of blowouts many breastfeeding parents are familiar with. The dual-opening pocket opens at both the front and the back and is covered with a flap of material to help with poo containment. (see below)

Positive and Negative aspects of the 360 gusset:

Although the 360 gusset is great for containing poo, it also means that getting poo out can be tricky. If you have a good washer and don’t do a pre-rinse great, if you use a sprayer like I do (and have a terrible HE frontloader) you may spend a bit more time spraying. I had the best luck with the diaper sprayer followed by a hand rinse. Look how high it is! (gusset pictured below) If it’s especially difficult to clean, you may need to rub this between two fingers to return it to it’s white color. Overall, these are some of my least favorite diapers to clean.

Glow Bug cloth diapers come with a single microfiber (synthetic) insert that has a single snap. The snap adheres towards the front of the diaper to keep the insert in place. This ensures that the insert won’t sneak backward and bunch up during use. The snap also makes the inserts easy to identify when I’m doing diaper laundry and speeds up the pocket-stuffing process.

(Pin image below)

Glow Bug cloth diaper review. Glow bug cloth diapers are well known for their 360 gusset and trimness, what you don't know


Out of our cloth stash, I must say that our Glow Bugs feel the most like disposable diapers. By that I mean that the PUL feels thin and is very light and trim in comparison to other brands we own. This feature is known as slim-dry and it’s designed to help reduce overall bulk. This may allow for a better under-pant fit (depending on your insert choice-if you cram in 4 inserts you’ll have bulk no matter which diaper you use) and keeps the fluff bum a bit trimmer.


Overall these diapers have performed well. In addition to the single microfiber insert these diapers, like many similar brands, need a second insert or doubler to be adequately absorbent. If you’re like me, and have a lot of inserts to your stash, supplementing will be easy. If you’re set on glow bugs and don’t have extra inserts, you can always buy doublers from a cloth shop (shops listed below).

After using these diapers for a few months, we had a snap break. I contacted the company who said that this is a common problem and asked for me to mail the diaper back, at my cost, for repair. Instead of mailing it back, I got a pair of Kam Snap Pliers and will repair it myself…and possibly do some other projects as well!

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