Glow Bug Cloth Diaper Review Newest Styles

Several years ago we tried Glow Bug cloth diapers. Since then, we have tried many cloth diaper brands! Since our last Glow Bug Cloth Diaper Review, I wanted to revisit Glow Bug diapers and update you with the latest design, newest inserts and packages. You’ll find detailed photos and product information below!

Glow Bug diapers are trim, come with a variety of inserts and have a 360 oval shaped gusset to help contain blowouts. The diapers are one-size meaning that they have snaps that are used to make the diaper bigger and smaller based on your baby’s needs. Take a look at the diapers here and visit my affiliate link for packages.

glow bug cloth diapers review

     Since my first GLOW BUG Cloth Diaper review, the company has made some adjustments. While generally the shell seems to be the same, and contains the 360 gusset, they now offer more types of inserts. There is a Mr. Clock insert and a synthetic microfiber/bamboo insert in addition to the original microfiber insert.

GLOW BUG Features include:

  • one-size (OS) diaper that adjusts with snaps
  • Pocket diaper
  • Choice of 3 synthetic inserts
    • microfiber inserts: 70% polyester and 30% nylon
    • bamboo inserts made with 2 layers of bamboo viscose, cotton and polyester blend and 1 layer of microfiber
    • Mr. Clock inserts, designed for overnight or heavy wetters
  • Made in China, proudly and ethically as the company reports
  • Waterproof outer layer made of PUL (printed portion here)
  • Stay-dry inner layer (white inside seen here) 100% polyester
  • About CPSIA compliance
    • Company reports “we are exempt from testing requirements and are therefore CPSIA Compliant.”
    • See their certificate & details in the FAQ section
  • Sold in packages
    • Basic, 12 diapers + 12 microfiber inserts + 6 Mr. Clock inserts and a wetbag
    • Standard, 24 diapers + 24 microfiber inserts  (option to upgrade to bamboo) + 12 Mr. Clock inserts and 2 wetbags
    • Ultimate, 24 diapers + 24 bamboo inserts + 12 Mr. Clock inserts + 36 bamboo wipes + disposable liners + cloth diaper sprayer + 2 wetbags
    • Option to purchase additional inserts

(Smallest setting above, largest below)

(Pin image below)

(Day inserts on diaper above, Mr. Clock below)

Benefits and downsides of the 360 gusset

     While the 360 gusset may be great for containing poo, especially blowouts, it also means that it’s hard to get it out. I would recommend pre-rinsing the poo, using a sprayer and typically I have to use my fingers to rub the gusset to get it clean. Even with breastfed poo, the diapers stain in the gusset area and rubbing clean with my fingers has been the best way to keep them clean. You can use gloves for this if you’re squeamish.


     I find that I need 2 inserts for absorbency, 1 is not enough for my well-hydrated baby and your experience may vary. Luckily, the inserts snap to each other and it’s easy to pair the inserts. Because they’re synthetic they wash and dry quickly but can be subject to cloth diaper leaks from compression. However, these diapers could easily be used with natural fiber inserts and/or boosters to increase absorbency and solve compression leaks, should you find that it’s an issue.


     As you can see below, this fits on my 32lb 1-year old baby with room to go. I still have a whole rise setting/layer of snaps to open the diaper up and room in the waist. The diaper sits low on his waist, but increasing the size of the setting gives him a bit of bulk and I find this to be the trimmest setting. The layer of PUL on these diapers is super thin and moldable, these certainly aren’t bulky. He is wearing 2 inserts here for increased absorbency.

My wishes?

    For the future, I hope GLOW BUG offers natural fiber inserts becuase I find them to be more absorbent and less prone to issues like ammonia in cloth diapers. I also hope that they sell diapers individually instead of in packages. I think people are more willing to try a few diapers then they are to buy 12 or 24 at one time. However, the packages are nice and can cover your baby completely without the need to purchase more shells, but perhaps some natural fiber boosters for babies who pee a lot.

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Lindsay Gallimore-O'Breham

When I reviewed Glowbugs, what most impressed me was the tight fit on my newborn! I love seeing how well it fits on your big boy, too!

Anne Sweden
Anne Sweden
4 years ago

I like all the new insert options! Makes it a very versatile diaper! Love the fun print you reviewed, too.

Leigh Kitchens
Leigh Kitchens
4 years ago

Reading this review was timely as I have an opportunity to try these diapers out soon. I think my heavy wetter would need the Mr. Clock insert. Thanks!

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