Magentic Toys for Building by GeoSmart

We’re builders! We love blocks, LEGOs and anything that can be put together and reconfigured. I’m thrilled to review GeoSmart magnetic toys. These magnetic building toys are bright, engaging and fun. My children find them exciting and I love that they’re learning. From three-dimensional play to logic and spacial concepts required to build creations, these are both educational and fun. Great for STEM skills, supplementing education or homeschooling these are captivating. Check out our review sample and visit my affiliate links for purchase:

GeoSmart magnetic toys for building STEM skills

     I’ve looked at magnetic building sets and wondered if they were worth the price. We love LEGO building and while they’re pricey, I wasn’t sure if starting another building collection was worth the expense. I have to say that after we received this Alien Creatures sample from GeoSmart that I went right to Amazon and bought the Mars Explorer and the giant 100 piece set. We love them that much!

     When I first opened the box I was taken by the saturated colors. When I took the magnetic toys out and started playing with them I noticed how well the magnets work. The silver portion of the shape is stainless steel covering a strong magnet. Magnets are in a double welded core! In addition, GeoSmart shapes are coated with polycarbonate and are more durable then other sets. With 4 boys…that sold me. We need durable! As a homeschooling Mom these are highly valuable to supplement our STEM lessons and as an Occupational Therapist I can see the high value in these for visual perceptual skills, processing and even for social interaction when used in play.






(next three images photo credit GeoSmart)geosmart-alien-creatures-dino geosmart-alien-creatures-creature geosmart-alien-creatures-standing

(Pin image below)

GeoSmart magnetic building sets are great for STEM skills for learning at home. Great for homeschooling and supplementing public school, these shapes are fun and engaging.


     So now you need GeoSmart magnetic toys too, right? I’m so excited for the extra sets I ordered to arrive! I’m a fan of having a lower amount of high quality presents then a higher amount of inexpensive and less durable Holiday gifts. These will be waiting under our tree! You can visit GeoSmart’s website for details, they have online instructions to build 3-4 creations for each set. Yay to saving paper! In addition, they have a GeoSmart Amazon shop, where I purchased our sets and you can like GeoSmart on Facebook for details and new product releases.


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4 years ago

I love these! I agree they’re so great for creative play and STEM skill building. My kids have so much fun with them, even the adults too!


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