How to get a FREE hulu trial

How to get a FREE hulu trial

We decided to cancel cabel years ago and move to streaming. We tried out many services but one that has stuck around has been hulu! One of my favorite things about hulu is that they offer a free hulu trial so you can get to know the service before buying. Here’s how to get a free hulu trial.

free hulu trial

Disclosure: Post contains referral link where I earn referral credit.

When we cancelled our cabel service years ago I didn’t miss the $170 a month we were spending. We were able to narrow our digital entertainment down to the internet and tested out several streaming services. While many we tried for a few months, eventually we widdled it down to hulu. We tried them all…and hulu was the top choice among my whole family!

Hulu has all of the shows my kids like, my shows and my parents adore it too. We’ve been hulu customers for several years now and I refer the services verbally often!

Recently, I signed into my hulu account to upgrade our services to no commercials, for a steal, I stumbled upon my a page that provided me a referral link for friends and family. While I can earn referral credit, friends and family get a 30-day hulu subscription for FREE!

Here are the details:

It says “Your friends will receive an offer for a thirty- (30-) day free trial to Hulu’s Limited Commercials or No Commercials plan (“Referral Offer”). Only new and returning Hulu subscribers who have not subscribed or redeemed a free trial in the past twelve (12) months are eligible to redeem the Referral Offer.”

So then I contacted the customer service to ask if YOU count as my friend and can get the trial and the rep said YES! How amazing is that?!

Then, the program allowed me to send out a tweet, or e-mail or share on Facebook.

After paying $7.99 for years, I upgraded us to “no commercials” for just a few dollars more and it has been well worth the investment! My kids have their shows and after they go to bed I get to watch my “Mama shows” as they call them without commercials.

So that’s it! You must have the referral link to get a free hulu trial and enjoy! If you don’t cancel it, they do start charging you the monthly rate. If you decide you don’t want it for some reason you just need to cancel before that.

Enjoy free hulu! Thanks for reading.

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