Do You Have Spoonk?

More Spoonk For Everyone!
Who couldn’t use more Spoonk in their life? I’m very excited to have the opportunity to test out the Spoonk. What is a Spoonk you ask? Spoonk is a wellness mat based on principles of accupressure and shiatsu massage. Comprised of an ecofriendly plant based-USA made foam core, cloth exterior fashioned with non-toxic plastic stimulation points, this mat is environmentally conscious all the way around!

Not only does the Spoonk boast fantastic benefits, but as you can see it’s very attractive, and comes with an ergonomic carrying case! For the next few weeks I will be sharing and exploring this product with my family! Make sure to check back for my review. I’m looking forward to having more Spoonk into our lives!
Connect with Spoonk on Facebook , Twitter , and explore their website. Need a visual on how to use the Spoonk? Watch the video! (video from

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