Dear Hubby; If Something Happens to Me….Here’s What to Do With My Wraps!!

Dear Hubby;

     While neither of us want to consider the possibility of something happening to me…in the event that something should…there are a few things you should know…About my baby carriers! At the doctor’s office today they asked “Do you have a living will?” I answered “No.” I’m a healthy Mom and never considered making out a will. I give everything I can to my babies and have few valuable possessions. Then I thought – WAIT – what about my my baby carriers??!!

 Dear Hubby -Sit Down for This-

      I know you know I have a few baby carriers; Wraps I adore, beautiful colors and patterns, some carriers that aren’t wraps (please call them SSCs when talking to babywearing Moms, or use the brand name), and all the things I carry our children in. I am sure that you are unaware of the serious investment I’ve made. I have spent hours searching for the perfect wrap, talking with other Moms, and most are valued upwards of $200. Yes, that would be a ballpark figure for most of them. Some below, some above…but please don’t undervalue these carriers!

Dear Hubby – Breathe –

     Okay okay, I know that’s a lot of money…but keep in mind that I have scrounged paypal dollars, used coupons at the grocery store, spent Birthday and Holiday money on these beauties and they are worth every penny!! I traded, swapped, tested them out and made sure to get the best deal on the best quality for each and every carrier. In the world of babies, these are gems….GEMS!!!!

Dear Hubby – Sell baby sell –

     I jokingly mentioned months ago that I wanted to be buried in my wraps…this was a joke! Please take these carriers and Sell Them! Yes, sell them. If you go on my facebook you will find many many babywearing groups I belong to. Message the admin for help and list these babies for sale! Let them go to another Mom who will love and cherish them…and get some cash for you and the family! Get a boat, buy giant commercial bouncy houses…whatever is lots of fun and will help soften the blow of you now realizing how much I have invested in wraps.

Dear Hubby;

    Know that you and the babies are my life and my love! In the event of my passing, please let this stash be my gift to you all. Consider it an investment. Some people buy stocks, some people buy gold…I buy baby carriers. To me, they’re nearly the same. Baby carriers are even better! While stocks and gold may be valuable, they can’t hold a crying baby, soothe a teething toddler or heal every bump and bruise you can imagine. Hugs and Kisses, Love Mom.

     Wrap in Photo is my Tekhni Thalia. As always thanks for stopping by! I appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram (when being chosen for reviews many companies care about numbers) and love to network on Google and LinkedIn.

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Fiddlin' Dandi
4 years ago

There was definitely a big learning curve for me and my wraps!

Fiddlin' Dandi
4 years ago

There was definitely a big learning curve for me and my wraps!

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