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What’s DaddyCon?¬†

If you love MommyCon, but wished for a version for Dads, then you’ll love DaddyCon. In October of 2017 MommyCon creator Xza Louise Higgins announced the start of DaddyCon! As a Mom who loves attending, and taking my husband, I have often wished there was something for him to do while I was in sessions! While I love having him help tote around my stuff, wrangle the kids and take notes about great products, he has mentioned the strong levels of estrogen and desire for something geared towards Men.

DaddyCon Coupon

Why DaddyCon?

Families are made up of all different constructs and in a Facebook live video, Xza and her husband Kevin said they realized that MommyCon may not fit all families. A spark was ignited when they noticed a two Dad team sitting in the front row at MommyCon events. This in combination with the increasing attendance of Dads, and Kevin’s personal experience as a Dad, inspired the creation of DaddyCon and the event was born.

DaddyCon will be geared towards Dads! All Dads are included. Stay at home Dads, work at home Dads, work away from home Dads, Dads who are in-tow with Moms, two Dad families, transmasculine Dads and anyone who wants a more Dad-focused event. Because, as we all know, Moms are not the only parents raising little ones!

See my husband here carrying my son in our LilleBaby Toddler carrier at MommyCon DC (event no longer visits this location) while I was super pregnant with our 4th!

DaddyCon Promo Code

daddycon promo code

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DaddyCon Coupon Code


The flagship DaddyCon will launch in Chicago, March 3rd – 4th 2018


Saturday: 9:00am-4:30pm

Sunday: 9:00am-4:30pm

Where is DaddyCon?

Donald E Stephens Convention Center

5555 North River Road

Rosemont, IL 60018

More information & sessions here and you can use my affiliate coupon DaddyCon Coupon MAMABANANA18 to save on 2018 DaddyCon and MommyCon tickets!

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