cottonbabies Collector’s Club Subscription Box Review

cottonbabies Collector’s Club

The cottonbabies collector’s club is a cottonbabies subscription box first released in May of 2017. Unlike other cloth diaper subscription boxes, the collector’s club is run by the same company making the cloth diaper inside. How does it work? First, you pick what style cloth diaper you want, order and are automatically billed monthly for the service. Much like beauty box subscriptions, this it’s different every month, delivered to your door and designed to please parents and babies alike.

cottonbabies collector's club subscription box review

What first drew me to the cottonbabies subscription box was the dog print, pawsome. The first subscription box is designed around dogs! My baby adores our dog and I had to have this print. In addition, I wanted to try out the new bumgenius elemental 3.0 style and thought it was a good opportunity. I visited the cottonbabies website and was enthralled with the print.

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How much does it cost?

I was a bit surprised by the markup on the diaper. I was hoping for regular prices plus perhaps shipping, I can dream right?? While Nicki’s Diapers has the 3.0 for $24.95 (not this print) including shipping, I took awhile to push order on this $36.94 set. To my surprise, I was also charged shipping! In total, the subscription runs me $40.94 for the single diaper and goodies. Luckily I adore dogs and this print was worth the extra markup, but it’s not a subscription I will continue throughout the year unless the package changes.

cottonbabies collector’s club features

  • Monthly subscription
  • Auatomaic billing
  • Includes diaper style of choice
    • bumGenius 5.0 $31.95 + shipping
    • bumGenius Elemental 3.0 (new style) $36.95 + shipping
    • bumGenius Freetime $31.95 + shipping
    • bumGenius Flip $26.95 + shipping
  • Limited edition prints
    • Extras are sold on the website after shipments are sent
  • Made in the USA cloth diapers
  • Ships on or before the 27th of each month
    • If order is received by cutoff

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What’s in the box?

Unlike diapers I order from diaper shops, this came in a for-real cardboard box. I, or course, tore it open immediately to see what was inside! I did it underneath the lights from my photo set so I could take pictures of the unboxing. Here’s what was inside.

  • Elemental 3.0 pawsome print
  • Small wetbag (no closure)
    • Same print
  • Button
  • Sticker
  • Calendar for stickers
    • Really adds the collection feel
  • Small dog stuffie
  • All packaged in attractive bag

cottonbabies collector's club subscription service

cottonbabies collector's club subscription service

cottonbabies collector's club subscription service

cottonbabies collector's club subscription service

cottonbabies collector's club subscription service

cottonbabies collector's club subscription service

Overall impression

Super cute, but I’m torn. The value in this box isn’t cost verses the retail value like a beauty box subscription¬†where I pay $10 – $20 and sometimes get over $150 in goodies, the value per item may be in the eye of the subscriber. I do wish the price was down a few dollars because the accessories that came with the kit aren’t of use to me. I thought I could use the dog bag for dog treats, but without a closure it’s not very functional. Something like dog treats or puffs would simply fall out. However, it is ideal for one cloth diaper that isn’t too leaky or stinky. I already lost the calendar and/or my kids took it! The sticker and button…I’m not sure what to do with these. Thinking maybe on my diaper bag but where baby can’t put it in his mouth.

I would have personally loved the diaper plus a large or medium zippered wetbag in the print! Those two items alone would have had me extremely happy!

I did get billed already for next month which is a cat print and I’m very excited. I’ll have to wait for the following month’s preview to decide if I want to continue this subscription. I will share my box with you when it arrives! I hope this gives you a detailed look at the subscription if you are curious and perhaps want to order.

Subscribe to this service and make your selections here! 

Great shops for purchasing cloth diapers below! Nicki’s ships BG diapers for free without the markup, but does not offer these limited prints.

What do you think? Would you order it?

The Cloth Diaper Collectors Club


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Emily Taylor
Emily Taylor
3 years ago

Dont think I would order it seems a little much for me to pay

3 years ago

Thanks for sharing the full details about this new service, which I’ve been very curious about. Like you, I would be very hesitant to pay a higher price (usually you expect lower than retail) UNLESS the print is must-have. As soon you as mentioned cats, my ears perked up. No pun intended. They are my weakness!!

Heather Johnson
3 years ago

I personally am not a fan of subscription boxes. I am also not a fan of all these super limited releases that CottonBabies does. But to each their own, right?

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