Coop Defender Automatic Chicken Coop Door Review

I wanted to publish my Coop Defender Automatic Chicken Coop Door Review because I did a lot of research into automatic chicken coop doors and love having one! I installed our automatic chicken coop door just before I got COVID and I was so thankful to have it! It let my flock out in the morning and I didn’t have to run out to open the door when I was at my worst with the virus. Check out our automatic chicken coop door review and see if it’s a good fit for you!


coop defender automatic chicken coop door review

An automatic chicken coop door was on my wishlist for a long time. I was very excited to receive one in the mail as an early Christmas present from my Dad! After also receiving a dozen phone calls later to remind me to measure twice & cut once…I got to work. The Coop Defender automatic chicken coop door was easier to install than I anticipated and got to work right away.

I researched chicken doop doors for a long time. There were a few must-have features I needed. I needed battery operated, I don’t need another extension cord running to the coop, I needed a timer and not a crazy price tag. Believe it or not, this wasn’t an easy wish list to find. I did find several doors without the opener for well under $100 but most of the automatic chicken coop doors were close to or over $200. My Dad helped me narrow it down and sent me this one as a gift!!

Coop Defender Gold Automatic Chicken Coop Door Features

  • LCD Screen with timer
  • Opens with a light sensor or timer
  • Comes with door, opener and 2 metal tracks
  • Battery operated
  • Under $200

Tools used

  • Jigsaw
  • Screw driver
  • Measuring tape
  • pencil
  • Second set of hands (my son)
  • Drill
  • I used 2 pieces of 1 x 2 wood to reinforce the metal track behind the coop wall


Getting started

I set to work installing the automatic chicken coop door right away. I traced the door to the coop defender gold automatic chicken coop door like my Dad suggested, made sure it was level and cut the opening with my jigsaw.

I anxiously waited for the door to open the first morning. Nothing. I went out, checked it and tried again. Again, it didn’t open. I called Coop Defender’s customer service and left a message. The rep was great, he explained that I needed to hold the up arrow and set the opening height before it would work. So, I went out and held the button and let it open all of the way. Then, it closed that night and has been working since.

I was so thankful to have it when I caught COVID-19 in December. I didn’t have to run outside to let my chickens out into the run at 7 AM. This would have been great when I was pregnant, tired and nauseated, I thought. The door opens reliably and lets my flock out at 7 AM as I have it scheduled for. One thing I didn’t want is my rooster waking everyone in the neighborhood up at 5 AM so I keep them in the coop til 7.

After using this for a while I do wish I had a model with a bigger door that locks. However, I am thankful to have one at all!

For instance, this door doesn’t seal completely and I can see a gap under it. I called the company and they said that some people put a piece of trim. However, this door doesn’t come with a 4-sided track to hold it in place. It really is a budget setup.

Second, the door doesn’t always open all of the way and my rooster has cut his comb on it. He’s a big guy! I do have a chicken first aid kit handy but would prefer to not use it. I wish I had a bigger door like the more expensive chicken doop doors do and may purchase a new door and keep the opener portion of the unit.


*This post contains some affiliate banners and I earn a small percentage of sales to help support my family and my flock if you purchase through them. Thank you 🙂


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