Comfy Joey Toddler Width Silk Review and 10th Anniversary Celebration and Giveaway

     Comfy Joey is celebrating her 10th anniversary!! The company started out 10 years ago in April of 2005. Company owner and founder Ayesha Ghatala discovered babywearing after the birth of her second child. As the proud Mom to 4 children she has built not only her family, but an amazing babywearing company well known for the comfortable CJ Hybrid Shoulder in her ringslings, but also a breath taking selection of slings in linen, silk, water fabric, customs, conversions and even a child’s line. The website is full of happy Moms wearing beautiful slings and photos you could sift through for hours. I am thrilled to host the 10th Anniversary Celebration and pay tribute to this wonderful company.
     When I googled “10th Anniversary” the traditional gift that came up was tin/aluminium. How perfect! Comfy Joey’s ringslings are made with aluminium slingrings which are the most trusted ring brand and perfect passageway for ringsling fabric. In addition to the quality rings, All Comfy Joey slings are made to order! Your sling is only as limited as your imagination; The selection is amazing. Made in the USA in Boise Idaho, when you purchase a Comfy Joey sling you are supporting a USA shop and employees!  The sling shown here is a toddler width silk in onyx. My baby is 1 year old, 30+ lbs and wears a 3T. You can see my Comfy Joey Linen Sling Review last year when this little guy was 2 months old!! Oh how time is flying by….

     Like all Comfy Joey slings, this toddler width silk collection features the CJ Hybrid shoulder, which allows the fabric to be spread across your shoulder if desired. This distributes baby’s weight more evenly and decreases the likelihood of discomfort. Made of 100% single layer dupioni silk, it’s a natural fiber fabric with a soft sheen and glamor. It’s perfect for a wedding, date night, church or out on the town. While silk is meant to be used sparingly according to the Comfy Joey website, it certainly steals the show when it’s on! With natural nubs, this fabric has character and makes me feel all dressed up even in a pair of jeans. Beautiful! For birth up to 35 lbs, as you can see my little meatball has room to spare. The sling fits well under his knees and covers his trunk up and over his shoulder.


     Make sure to visit the Comfy Joey Website to see the amazing selection and follow on Facebook for updates, giveaways and news!
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