Cloth Wipes Solution Les Produits De Maya Cleansing Milk

When I first started using cloth diapers, it seemed like a no brainier to start using cloth wipes too. I was already doing cloth diaper laundry, why not wash the wipes in the same cycle? While I’ve tried several wipes styles, I prefer a regular wash cloth for cleaning baby’s bottom. I take them in a wetbag dry or wet when we’re out, use them at home on all of my children and enjoy the strength and cleanliness they provide. My favorite cloth wipes solution is Les Produits De Maya cleansing milk.
When I’m out on a trip with my family, we’re not always by a sink when changing a diaper. Sometimes I change a diaper right in our van! To solve this, I take pre-moistened wipes with me in a wet bag or simply carry our Cloth Diaper Cleansing Milk from Les Produits De MaYa. Their cloth diaper wipes solution, or liniment, is a thin lotion like substance made from high-quality natural ingredients. It cleans baby’s bottom, washes clean from cloth diapers and leaves a layer of protection on a delicate bum. In addition to the Cleansing Milk, Les Produits De MaYa also makes Baby Safe Sunblock! Take a look at the cleansing milk below:

Cleansing milk was a new concept to me, but this product has been around for generations. In addition to cleansing at diaper changes, I’ve used the linament on my dry elbows, to moisturize after time in the sun, and on my feet. It’s conveniently located in my diaper bag and I really enjoy using it on myself just as much as on my baby! Ingredients include:

Organic extra virgin olive oil from the first cold pressing, organic coconut oil, organic yellow caranuba wax, organic shea butter and lime water.
     The cleansing milk is a bit thinner then lotion and makes a great cloth wipes solution. It has a nice natural scent and leaves a bit of sheen on baby’s bottom. I’ve found that it absorbs quickly and unlike some of our diaper creams, it doesn’t leave a noticeable residue on our diapers. Having a bit of this already on my baby’s bottom makes cleaning a poo off much easier and is very gentle on his bottom. In addition, I really like the company logo and design of the bottle. While I first thought it would leak, I have tossed it around in our diaper bag for a few weeks now without any instance!


Where to purchase this product? Right now this cloth wipes solution is only available in Canada. There are lots of shops to choose from and if you live in the USA it’s a great chance to take advantage of the conversion rate! Look at the selection of shops  and you may even stumble across a new product, something out of stock or hard to find in the US and enjoy the great pricing. About this company.

Founded by parents Marie and Yannic, Les Produits De MaYa’s name was derived from the first two letters of the owner’s names. Originally from France, the family now calls Montreal Canada their home. Looking at the photo of Marie typing at her computer with her baby on her back in a carrier, while I type on my computer with baby on my back ensures me that this is a great product for all of you. Made well, with quality ingredients, from like-minded parents with baby in mind. Read about their sunscreen too!

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