Cloth Pads Menstrual Cramps

When I first learned about reusable cloth pads I was a bit grossed out. Sure, I cloth diaper my children, but handling my own blood seemed gross to me. My real interest first peaked when a good friend told me that cloth pads made her menstrual cramps disappear. To be honest, I thought she had gone a little bananas. That was until I tried them myself. Cloth pads menstrual cramps?

The third month after I started using cloth pads my period came without warning. My period, that always had two full days of cramping before it started…showed up without warning! Cloth pads seemed to make my menstrual cramps disappear and they have stayed away! Could the cramps I’ve had for years be gone? Are cloth pads responsible for the disappearance of my menstrual cramps?

cloth pads menstrual cramps

     Soon after my menstrual cramps disappeared, the cramps that sent me running out of class in high-school to be sick in the bathroom, I started researching the topic online. While I still experience some discomfort, and the urge to eat and eat and eat… I wondered if there was a direct relation between the chemicals in disposable pads and cramping. Is this all in my head?

     First, I decided to research what chemicals are actually in disposable pads. It turns out, disposable pad companies are not forthcoming with the toxic chemicals in disposable menstrual products. “In fact, manufacturers of tampons and sanitary pads are not required to disclose the ingredients used because feminine hygiene products are considered “medical devices.” (1)

     From there, I read article after article from reusable menstrual pad makers and testimonials from women describing the exact same experience I’m having. Cloth pads equal the disappearance or serious reduction of menstrual cramps. (2,3) In addition, I read about the other harmful effects of disposable product including chemical rashes, sweating, toxic shock syndrome and possible links to reproductive cancers (4,5). If the cramping didn’t sell me on reusable pads, medical conditions do! I certainly don’t want a crotch rash or put myself at greater risk for cancer.

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Reusable menstrual products stop period cramping. Changing to reusable menstrual products has stopped or seriously decreased the amount of period cramping many women experience. Where are the scientific studies? Here's my story.

     Scientific studies? Unfortunately, I can’t find a scientific study. I believe this is partially because disposable pad makers fight requests to release the chemical ingredients in their products and the side effects they cause. In addition, I’m sure they won’t publish a negative study on their own products. So, now if you haven’t switched…you’re ready to! What are some disposable menstrual product alternatives?

Have you had a similar reduction or disappearance of cramps like I have? As someone who has had cramping from my period my entire life I am fascinated and would love to hear from other ladies!

Disclosure: This post makes no health claims or attempts to diagnose or treat any condition. It’s an account of my personal experience. Thanks for stopping by.

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Zephyr Hill
Zephyr Hill
4 years ago

Wow, the difference it made for you is pretty incredible! I hope your story will inspire others to give reusable a try.

4 years ago

Okay, you may have sold me! I have been considering a cup, but haven’t gotten brace enough to just order one (well, and haven’t had a period in over a year with pregnancy and breastfeeding). Anyway, I have noticed over the years that I had less cramping when I stopped using tampons. Because I used to have the same doubled over, hot flashes alternating with chills cramps like you described.

4 years ago

This is so true! I’ve noticed a major reduction in my cramps since switching to RUMPs! I used to take prescription painkillers and still get absolutely no relief. Not anymore!

Tamsin | Eco Fluffy Mama

I did notice a HUGE reduction in cramps. From severe ‘I need an ambulance’ pain to sometimes needing a hottie, or no cramps at all. There are many who haven’t had a reduction in cramps. It’s certainly an interesting thing!

4 years ago

I have always experienced EXTRMELY painful periods, been to numerous doctors and ended up in the hospital due to pain. I would crawl in pain till I discovered Motrin. As the years went by the more and more I needed. I didn’t want to take them any longer but HAD to. Started using cloth pads 2 cycles ago this is the first time since I was 11 that the cramping was barely noticeable. I don’t know what it is.. but I’m done with reusable!

1 month ago

I am kind of a nature advocate and has already been using cloth liners for 2 yrs now. I just now had the courage to face my own period blood and use cute reusable pads. Lol. For 2 cycles, I’ve been using it and on the 3rd month, just like you, I was surprised to get my period without PMS! I didn’t get any cramps and was weirdly puzzled why. I figured it was because of my pads so I researched and saw this article. I soak the pads with natural detergent, wash them not on hot water, but on… Read more »

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