Cloth Diapering isn’t All or Nothing, Celebrate ALL Cloth Diapering Families and Styles

     When to start cloth diapering after birth, what to use at night or on car trips, weather cloth should be taken on vacation and used with other caregivers are all popular topics in cloth groups. What seems to be a common thread with all of these topics is what I call Green Mom Guilt. Someone may use 12 cloth diapers during the day and 1 disposable at night and feel guilty for not being 100% cloth. An expecting Mom may not be able to take cloth to the hospital, on a flight or to Grandma’s. Using disposables for a few days seems to make Moms feel as though they’re not cloth diapering hard core enough to really be a cloth Mom. I’ve felt this way before and can relate. I had to take disposables two-thousand miles across the country on a vacation. I was actually embarrassed to have them and didn’t want anyone to see them. This is not the case with cloth…we wear our cloth proudly!

     To this Green Mom Guilt I say go away. If all USA born babies used just 1 cloth diaper a day, the benefits to the environment are amazing! Here are the numbers; With just over 4 million babies born each year in the USA (1) that would be 1,460,000,000 disposable diapers saved from the landfill annually from those babies alone!! If those babies potty trained at age two, that would save 2,920,000,000 for two years and 4,380,000,000 for three. Wow, yes, wow. Imagine if you compounded babies born during those years onto those numbers, included other countries and an exact number (I used 4 million). It wold be amazing for our landfills, air and water.
     So remember…Every Cloth Diaper Counts! Let’s celebrate ALL cloth families! If you use 1 cloth diaper daily or 15…Mother Earth thanks you and keep up the good work!
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