Chimparoo Woven Wrap Review

I was provided with a product sample to facilitate this review. I have not been paid to say nice things, I am giving my honest opinion and experience with the product (it’s really fantastic). I have taken photos of the actual product we own and included them here, as well as some affiliate links.

      Babywearing has been wonderful for my family. My first wrap was a stretchy Moby. When I found myself unable to put my first son down (well unable to put him down and keep us both happy) babywearing was the optimal solution. A neighbor saw me hanging laundry with him in tow and commented “you’re awfully good to that baby”….and I gleamed at the compliment. I was disappointed when his weight made this wrap unsafe for us and I was unsure where to go next.
     When I purchased my first woven all I thought was….I wish I had known sooner about woven wraps! Seriously, amazing. Unlike a stretchy wrap, woven wraps have zero spandex, can be made from 100% cotton, a combination of fibers, come in an amazing array of patterns and colors and go seamlessly from birth to toddlerhood (possibly beyond!). I am often asked, “What is a good, reasonably priced woven wrap to buy?” Well, here it is! This Chimparoo beauty is a 100% organic cotton wrap in the color Sol and size ‘regular’ and at just under $100 for this size you really get the most wrap for your buck!

     Size and color are important factors when searching for a woven wrap. Unlike printed upholstery or garment quality fabrics, a woven wrap consists of yarn dyed patterns that show on both sides of the fabric. These colorways are company specific and designed, and I think you’ll be impressed with the options offered by Chimparoo; This wrap comes in Juilet, Sol (pictured here), Jazz, Iris, Zoo, Tango, Azur and Bio. See the color choices on Chimparoo’s website and shop.
     Along with choosing a color, you’ll need to select a size. The size you need is determined by the type of carries you want to do, your body structure and baby. I enjoy wrapping with a 5-6 to complete cross carries and supportive back carries. This Chimparoo regular is perfect for us and as you’ll see, is ideal for front and back carries alike. 
     Once you’ve selected a length and color…. watching for the postal delivery person is pure excitement. When our Chimparoo Sol Regular arrived I literally jumped for joy! I acted fast to carefully open the package. Here (left) is a carry right out of the box. This is known as a forward cross carry (FWCC) and is a great carry for beginners and advanced babywearers. It’s comfortable, supportive and the side passes (rails) can be made more narrow or wide based on your preferences. A carry like this in a thicker/cushy wrap might get hot in the summer, but with this Chimparoo we’re comfortable on this 78 degree beautiful day. The Chimparoo tag seen here marks the middle of the wrap. This helps identify the center when wrapping to ensure there is enough fabric on each side to complete the wrap you’re aiming for, and can be worn inside or outside of your carry.
     After a quick wrap, I got out the tape measure. One reader asked “how thick/thin is a Chimparoo?” Based on the woven wrap database’s chart (pictured below) and measured without the taper (angled part of the wrap), this wrap measured 4.19 m and weighed 755g = 180.2 making it a thin wrap. Thin and supportive this wraps easily and comfortably right out of the package! Washed, dried and ironed the wrap increased to 183.4 g/m2 and will be appreciated by all.
      One of my favorite things about woven wraps, is the way in which they distribute my baby’s weight on my body. The wide fabric width, and options to pass fabric over my shoulders, around my waist and across my chest make babyweraing very comfortable. It’s basic physics, distributing weight over a wider surface area = increased comfort when carrying baby, and happier Mama. The cross-twill woven fabric of this Chimparoo enhances this feature by being comfortable and beautiful.

     Is Chimparoo toddler worthy? Absolutely. To answer this question, I made my newly turned 2 year old very happy by wearing him around during my daily activities (1-2 hours at a time). At his last weigh in, he was 37 lbs and generally wears a 3T. There are many benefits to wearing a toddler, for example wrapping a child who ‘assumes the position’ when being back carried (unlike my infant who is a little squirmy) is considerably easier for me. Pictured below I have him wrapped in a back wrap cross carry (BWCC) and he’s secure and comfortable even while reaching and helping with the cloth diaper laundry. I didn’t note any discomfort and this is certainly not a ‘diggy’ wrap. He will not keep his arms in the wrap and moves around/shimmy’s the wrap down towards his waist so he can move about. ( If you’re learning back carries, practicing over a bed or with a spotter and watching some youtube tutorials can help you safely gain skill and confidence.)

     Each wrap comes with this instructional tag sewn on (seen below) as well as a booklet and CD full of information. In addition to these helpful inserts, there is a product registration card. In event of a recall, this information would be used to contact product owners (so mail it back in!). Chimparoo woven wraps come in 4 sizes; short, medium, regular and extra and range from 2.50m to 5.20 m.

     Caring for a woven wrap. As you can imagine, tossing a woven wrap in for a wash can make babywearing parents nervous. The thought of ruining something so beautiful definitely makes me hesitate before pushing the start button. Luckily, the fabric content and quality of the Chimparoo make washing easy. The company recommends a warm wash and line dry, however the dryer is okay and may even help soften/break in the wrap (2). I prefer to wash on warm water/cold rinse with All free and clear detergent without oxiclean (I also wash my cloth diapers with this). Although the wrap is shown on my laundry line here (so you can get a good look at how beautiful it is), I prefer to dry it out of the sun or on low in the dryer (to help prevent fading). Because it is a natural fiber, minimal shrinking may occur (as with all woven wraps).

      A Chimparoo would make a great addition to your existing stash, the next step from your stretchy wrap and also as a purchase for first time baby wrappers. Because a woven wrap can be used from birth to toddlerhood+ it’s a great choice for Mamas (and Daddas) looking for something to make the long haul. While I have already packed away the stretchy wraps my babies and I loved the first few weeks, our wovens will be in use for a long time and our Chimparoo is currently hanging out in our diaper bag (plus I love the compliments we get on it!).
     If you are new to babywearing, a Chimparoo woven will be an irreplaceable tool in your parenting arsenal. Babywearing helps calm baby (and me too!). Holding baby close promotes bonding, releases oxytocin (feel good hormone) and is a great way to do skin to skin (helps with breast milk production and regulating baby’s body temperature and emotions). (3) I look back on the first few weeks after my first son was born and wish I had this on hand…even in the hospital! When I hear parents say ‘I can’t put my baby down’….I say don’t! Wear them and keep everyone happy.

     If you follow my blog, then you know I love amazing Mom run companies. Chimparoo (registered brand by L’√©charpe Porte-bonheur Inc) was founded in 2007 by Christine Duhaime. This versatile company founder is a Mom to 4 and an Occupational Therapist!! < insert excitement here!! > She also has over 20 years of experience in design and textiles (1). With personal experience including babywearing for over 10 years, she is an amazing business owner and designer. Chimparoo wraps are ‘proudly made in Quebec’ Canada and when you see the video that accompanies your wrap you’ll be amazed! (I included a snip from the DVD here of the Chimparoo woven team in action!) They are also guaranteed for quality and you can read more about their policy HERE.

     I will leave you with this video made by Chimparoo and as always thank you for stopping by! I always respond back to questions and please let me know if there is anything else you’d like to know! Make sure to follow Chimparoo on facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and visit their shop to see more about Wovens and also the other types of carriers they make.You can purchase these wraps from Amazon, where they run just under $100….with shipping!!



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