Buttons Diapers Review

 Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. These are my diapers. This post does contain affiliate links.

     I am a proud cloth diapering Mom to 3, 2 in fluff bottoms and one on the way! I started using cloth when my 2nd son was 8 months old. I have learned a lot – and continue to learn. I wish I had started with my 1st baby…could you imagine that stash I’d have now?!
     Even before I became pregnant with our 3rd son, I knew he’d be in cloth right away. The more I learn about chemicals and mainstream baby products, the more I love cloth diapers and the cloth community. Moms have become a great resource for information and lifestyle that can’t be found in stores or from big companies, and I have cloth diapering Moms to thank for starting me on our journey.
     As a pocket lover, I thought one-size pockets 8-35lb would fit our newborn munchkin (born at a whopping 9.5 lbs) from birth on. I’m disappointed that even after a month, our pocket diapers are still huge. There is no way he can wear them. I literally jumped for joy when we started testing out Buttons Diapers! These one-size diapers fit our NB great!

     Buttons diapers are an all-in-2 (AI2) system with one-size covers and snap-in inserts. As a pocket and prefold loving Mama, I was unsure what an AI2 was. Honestly, when I opened the package I thought the inserts looked like giant soft Maxi-Pads (but don’t worry, I didn’t use them for that purpose)! They’re a great combination of two materials; Four layers of microfiber under a fleece top layer. The fleece layer goes next to baby’s skin and provides a soft barrier between my pumpkin and the microfiber.

     Each insert has 2 snaps that hook directly to diaper shell which is made of 2 layers of soft PUL. The snaps prevent the insert from migrating and keep it directly in the target pee/poop zone. The outside of the shell has 2 rows of rise snaps for small, medium, large and custom settings. One of my favorite customs is to snap the middle snap up 1 higher then the leg settings to remove the bulky look from baby’s crotch area.
     One Buttons Diapers feature you’ll love are the double-gusset leg openings (pictured below). They’re great for containing leaks and poo explosions; which breastfed babies are know for. My son tested this 3 times in a row and I am impressed that we had zero poo leaks! The elastic on the leg opening is more snug then our one-size pocket diapers and it took me a few tries to get the snugness around his thighs just right.

     The snap-in inserts come in two sizes, various fabric combinations and even a double-snap night time soaker combo. Large 20-35 lbs and small 9-20 lbs.We’re currently using the small but may be switching up to the large ahead of the weight chart; My 1- month old has proven to be a soaker. When our pediatrician asks about his wet diapers, I can say for sure that he’s well hydrated! One of the many benefits to cloth diapering is knowing how much an infant is wetting.

     Buttons Diapers come in many great colors and they’re all eye pleasing hues. In addition to great colors, a major perk is that they can be used multiple-times in a row. Unlike pockets or all-in-one (AIO) diapers, when they get dirty you can wipe or hand wash the PUL to use right away! When they need to be laundered they come with instructions and are easy to care for.

     Colors pictured here are (Above) top row left to right: Blueberry, Tangerine, Pebble; Bottom row left to right: Apple, Banana cream) more colors available on the website.
     For size reference, the diapers are more trim then our Econobum and work at home Mom (WAHM) covers, making them a great diaper to start with for newborns! My fluff bottom and I will be enjoying these for a long time.

    For more information and am amazing selection check out Buttons Diapers shop on Amazon, and watch this great video from the company! They’re a great fit for my newborn and are easy to use! In addition to being a fantastic product for my family, they’re simply adorable. Seeing that button on my fluff bottom’s’ bottom brightens my day!
       As always thanks for stopping by! I appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram (when being chosen for reviews many companies care about numbers) and love to network on Google and LinkedIn.Want to work together? Contact MamaBananasAdventures@gmail.com. Disclosure; these banners below are affiliate links.

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