Breastfeeding in Public

I remember breastfeeding in public for the first time. I took my nursing cover, one of those that looks like an old fashioned apron, and sat quietly in the booth in the back of Panera. I was nervous and felt like I was hiding in a tent. Flash forward to nearly 6 years later and I am much more confident at breastfeeding. I know that the best way to breastfeed in public without anyone noticing is to wear a nursing shirt, or nursing tank and regular shirt and lift it to breastfeed. Just a portion of my breast is exposed for baby to nurse on and he completely covers my breast. To an onlooker it looks like I’m holding my baby. Only a breastfeeding Mom would recognize the position and know I’m nursing! Here is my latest breastfeeding shirt from Uncercover Mama! Take a look at my sample and find some affiliate links so you can check out this collection for yoruself:


    What happened to that apron like nursing cover? It’s in a drawer somewhere and has spent time as a carseat cover. I now have an updated nursing cover and the majority of my nursing wardrobe is a combination of nursing tanks and tops. It’s easy to turn any shirt into a nursing top with a nursing tank top! Simply pull your regular shirt up and the tank down. It exposes the breast for nursing and is fast and easy. Baby covers the breast meaning your belly won’t be cold and you can stay warm in winter months, while keeping baby fed! I had the opportunity to sample this shirt from Undercover Mama and a nursing tank.
     The Undercover Mama line is unlike the other nursing tanks I have that include a shelf bra. These items do not have a shelf bra, but instead hook to the bra you’re already wearing. They almost make your bra part of the top. There is a two hook system: A metal hook that fishes through the opening in the bra clasp and a clear stretchy band that goes over the top of the nursing bra snap. This combination ensures that the top stays put…I even have some trouble getting it off at the end of the day! Both hooking mechanisms need to be on or it will fall off (or it does on me). If I’m in a hurry I just take my bra off with the top and unhook the system later. It’s secure and makes your outfit seamless with your bra. In combination with my teething jewelry, this makes a great system for babywearing in my Lillebaby carrier.










     Overall impression. I really love this shirt. It looks attractive on, it’s long and billowed a bit in the belly area and stretchy. I get compliments on it and believe the only drawback is the stretchy fabric in the back. As you can see in the photo above you can see my bra and back-muffin from baby across the rear panel, despite having lots of room in the front. Because of this (I’m wearing a small) it might be a good idea to order a size up if you are muffined-360 liked me.
     In addition to this shirt I have a tank top in small. I like the fit because it kind of holds me in. I do wish that the metal clasp at the top had a bigger opening. While on a thin bra it’s easy to get the white metal hook in and out of the hole holding the bra’s nursing clasp. However, on a thicker or more padded bra, like my nursing bras from Target, it’s difficult to get it in and out of the hole and pulls on the fabric a bit. Do I recommend these? I recommend these all the time! Did you see my nursing photo? You can’t even tell that I’m nursing, they’re great for nursing in public! In addition to the shirt seen here and their well known tank, Undercover Mama also came out with a nursing dress! Same print and fabric as this shirt and I would love to add it to my nursing collection.
     Want to find out more about this company? Please visit the UndercoverMama Website and Shop and make sure to give them a “Like” on Facebook!

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