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I remember purchasing my first breast pump. I was so lost, the selection was low and I didn’t get a great model. Fast forward to my 4th baby, my insurance bought my pump and I acquired a Spectra S2 on my own. I’ve tried 4 different brands and prefer the Spectra. The closed system keeps out unwanted germs and the suction is gentle but effective, it’s a whole new world. Downsides? Breast pump parts!

When I opened my Spectra S2 pump I was disappointed to see that my stash of Medela and Ameda bottles were too small to screw into the opening. The Spectra breast shield accommodates a larger bottle, needs a different adapter for my pumping bags and the bottles didn’t quite make it through my boiling routine..I’m thrilled to share Pumpables, breast pump parts, that fit my Spectra and many other brands of pumps including Ameda and Medela. They allow me to pump from my Spectra right into my smaller mouth bottles, fit right in my Breast Pump Bag and are reasonably priced. Read more below in this sponsored post and shop my affiliate to find them!


     The pumpables set fits easily into my Spectra system. It comes with two white adapters that are used with the backflow protectors (disc shaped attachment) and the tubing is the same size. However the best feature is that Medela and Ameda bottles screw right into the bottom! Along with many other brands. Also, I can use my Kiinde pump bags too, but they still need an adapter. There are two Kiinde adapters that fit, but the purple bumps the valve while the white adapter fits well. These have a similar angle as the Spectra and if you need it to tip down more, the Pumpin Pal can help. Features include:

  • Comes with 2 Breastshields (Flange + bottle connector in all-in-one design) 2 x Valves, 2 x Membranes + BONUS 2 x Adaptor to allow use with Spectra backflow protector. Does not include tubing or backflow protector (sold separately).
  • Works with Many brands – use with all Spectra breast pumps and all Medela breast pumps. Purchase the Pumpables Backflow Protector (sold separately) to use with Ameda, Avent breast pumps. Check Compatibility Guide for full information.
  • One Piece Design – means less pieces to clean & assemble each time, also works with my Simple Wishes Hands-Free pumping bra (also my favorite pumping bra)
  • See-through Flange – You can see straight through the flange to your nipple and understand what’s going on when you’re pumping.
  • Mom founded and Run – Company founded & run by pumping mamas. “We understand your need for effective, simple and safe pumping solutions. All parts are free of nasties and all your questions are answered with a smile.”
  • These Breast Pump Parts are Lightweight and easy to clean!
  • Available in 21mm, 24mm, 27mm and 30mm. Find them in the Pumpables Store.





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pumpables breast pump parts fit Spectra breast pumps and allow you to pump into small mouth bottles from the Spectra. They also fit many other breast pump systems for breastfeeding pumping Moms.


     Overall impression. These breast pump parts solve a major problem when changing breast pump systems. As a previous Medela and Ameda user, with a bunch of bottles, these allow me to pump into my existing bottles! While the Spectra did come with bottles, I found that either the breast shields or the bottles didn’t quite stand up to my sterilizing routine and they stopped threading well into the shields and I had one fall out full of milk…and onto the floor…during a pump session. These fit the backflow protector and are reasonably priced! In addition, they have the valve flap the Medela system does and are very easy to replace. I recommend carrying extra valves with any shield because the tiniest imperfection can make a big difference in pumping output!

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4 years ago

Mama Bananas we are just so excited to read your review! Thank you so much for giving our Pumpables breastshield such a thorough runthrough, we hope it really helps pumping mamas learn about some of our new breast pump accessory options. Stay in touch… I think we have something new coming up very soon 😉

Have a wonderful week!

4 years ago

Over the years I have tried several different pumps and you’re right – it’s frustrating when the accessories work exclusively with one brand. Love the Pumpables come in 4 different sizes, too!

4 years ago

Pumpables sound great, especially when you get a new pump and find that all your old gear is not compatible!

4 years ago

What a great idea! So do the pumpables flanges include a built in barrier to maintain a “closed system”? My medela pump is an “open system” and I get milk spatter in the tubing. Would the pumpables flanges turn it into a closed system?

Claire Bear
Claire Bear
4 years ago
Reply to  Mama Banana

I’d love to hear if the Spectra backflow protectors work with your Medela, using the Pumpables adaptor! Can you please let us know? Thanks!!!

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