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Breast pumps have seriously evolved in just a few years. From the Spectra S2 bling pumps to hospital grade quality in home systems, medical companies are hearing Moms loud and clear: We want great pumping equipment! Not just great functioning, but stylish and down right pretty too. That’s where a great breast pump bag comes in.

I remember buying my first breast pump. It was a Medela for $279. It came with a plain black tote Igloo coolers would be proud of and didn’t get along with my supply. I could have taken the tote on a weekend camping trip and it would have blended right in. I can’t imagine it was designed by a pumping Mom…

By the time my second son was due, insurance companies started providing breast pumps. I received a bare bones Ameda without a tote and saw my insurance company was charged $259! Yikes! I called up and asked; “You charged $259 for a pump that’s on Amazon for $99 and you couldn’t provide an ugly black tote?!” Needless to say, I was thrilled to find Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags and I later upgraded to a Spectra S2 and proudly carry it around in a stylish breast pump bag.


“Oh, what a beautiful purse! Who makes it?” This? Oh, it’s my breast pump bag! Yes! I get compliments on my breast pump bag all the time. In fact, it’s nicer then my purse. It’s prettier, sturdier, more well designed and despite everything I have inside of it…it’s sleek. It’s easy to see that this bag was designed by a pumping Mom, Mrs. Sarah Wells herself!

I met Sarah Wells at a MommyCon conference three years ago! She’s just as nice in person as you can imagine and despite her success is still a real person Moms can relate to. Just watch her live on the Sarah Wells facebook page and get the scoop on the latest and most stylish designs. These bags are so fantastic even non-pumping Moms want them! With a great range of prices starting at under $100 there is a bag for everyone! Visit her sop on Amazon, my affiliate, to see which one fits you!





     I feel proud to carry my bag around and that’s important to me. It helps me feel pretty and I love that! This is my “I’m not messing around, I’m going to pump for my baby!” bag and I love it. Wondering what’s inside of my bag?

  • My Spectra S2 Pump
  • 2 Charging cables
  • Simple Wishes Hands-Free Bra
  • Kiinde pump bags with appropriate adapter
  • Snacks, because pumping makes me hungry!
  • Natural nipple butter (for soreness or in case I need to lube the girls a tad to move easily in the shields)
  • Car keys, name badge and I often find LEGOs and other gifts from the boys at the bottom.

(Pin Image Below)

Breast Pump bag by Sarah Wells fits all models of breast pump, comes in many colors and patterns and at great prices. See how I fit my Spectra S2 breast pump in my breast pump bag and how it keeps this breastfeeding Mama happy!



     While I do have to cram my Spectra S2 in a bit, it is larger then my other pumps, it still fits well and I can fit all of my accessories too. Features of this bag, the Annie, include:

  • Smooth zipper design and great detail in zippers and hardware.
  • Generous double handle for wearing over shoulder.
    • Also comes with cross-body strap that easily sits inside bag if not in use.
  • Outside pocket with easy access for keys, lip stick or other quick access item.
  • Fits pump brands including: Medela Pump in Style (with or without a case) and Freestyle, Hygeia, Freemie, Spectra, Ardo and Ameda and more.
  • Thermally lined pockets for keeping milk cold.
  • Easy to clean faux leather that wipes clean quickly with a damp cloth (my go-to for cleaning)
  • Double Zippered sidepockets (see photo above) that can fit a pump on either side, two pumps, a pump on one side and store milk on the other etc.
Photo credit Sarah Wells

Would I recommend this? Absolutely! I believe every pump should come with a functional, stylish bag! Sarah Wells even makes breast pump bags that’s uniform compliant for Military Mamas! Make sure to visit the Sarah Wells website for full details and shop the Sarah Wells Amazon store too!

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Angela Landskron
Angela Landskron
4 years ago

It is surprisingly stylish!


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