Big Toddlers Cloth Diapers the Imagine XL Diaper Compared to AppleCheeks Size 3

There aren’t many cloth diapers for big toddlers and kids on the market. For babies, the diapers are endless! However, when it comes to kids over 35lbs there are just a few choices available. Two are the Imagine XL cloth diaper and the AppleCheeks size 3. Both diapers are for children over 35lbs and can be stuffed with custom absorbency. Where do the differences lie? In addition to price, the cut and shape are dramatically different and the type and style of insert. Take a look at these two diapers, read our experience and see which is best for your family. Visit some of my affiliates for purchase:

big toddlers cloth diapers the imagine XL applecheeks size 3 comparison

          I bought our first Applecheeks size 3 diaper when one of my middle sons outgrew his one size diapers. We were on the very last snap of the biggest OS cloth diapers we had and the fit was tight. At 42 pounds, we were way over the weight limit but still making the stretch! I was thrilled when I got the Applecheeks size 3 in the mail and tried it on. The lining is soft and the pocket opening is very generous. I fit an entire large prefold inside plus a full size microfiber/bamboo insert for night time. Overall I’m very happy with the diaper.

     I set out looking at other cloth diapers for big kids and even into cloth diapering for disability. My son, at 4, has some delays with potty training due to his medical condition and I know we’re not the only ones out here. I ordered an Imagine XL cloth diaper to try out and compare to the Applecheeks size 3. With a larger end weight limit I hoped this would be better then the Applecheeks size 3. I love that it has rise snaps and more options to adjust the waist. I don’t love the severe wing droop and wish this had a 3rd or even 3rd & 4th waist snap to hold the wings in place.




Diaper:Applecheeks Size 3Imagine XL
Weight Range35 - 65+ (up to 80 with extenders)35 - 70+
Waist SnapsDouble Row of 8Double Row of 12
Waist Extenders Available YesNo
Adjustable Rise SnapsNoYes
Made In CanadaChina
Pocket Opening Yes, Envelope CenterYes, Rear
Waterproof OuterPULPUL
LiningMicrofleeceStay-dry, no pill fleece
InsertOptional: 3-Ply rayon-bamboo sold with bundle or shell onlyIncluded: Large adjustable 4-layer Microfiber
Price Bundle: $28 (AC Website)
Shell only: $25 usd (Nicki's)
$17.95 usd (Nicki's)

     Conclusion? When it came time to order more larger size diapers I bought more Applecheeks size 3 shells (no insert) with Black Friday cloth diaper sales. While I like the price of the Imagine, I can’t get past the severe wing droop. In addition, I like supporting a Made in Canada company and the fit of the Applecheeks over the Imagine. I still have the Imagine XL in my stash and maybe I’ll learn to love it…but am thrilled with Applecheeks size 3’s in our stash. Where can you find them? Nickis’ Diapers has both! I hope more places begin to carry the AC 3’s but for now my affiliate, Nicki’s Diapers, has a great selection and ships diapers for free.

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