Best Uses for Coconut Oil for Crunchy Moms

     I discovered coconut oil a few years ago. The concept was completely new to me and I didn’t even know that coconuts had oil! Since then, I keep finding more and more uses for it. Here are great ways I love to use coconut oil with my family. It’s become such an important ingredient in our daily routine that we just can’t go without it!


     Coconut oil makes a great moisturizer! I use it on my skin and also on my babies. It’s natural, starts off as a solid and turns into a liquid when it gets a little warm and smells great! After a bath or as needed, it’s a great skin softener.


     Coconut oil is great for cooking. I use it as an ingredient in our from-scratch chocolate chip pancakes, and also to coat the frying pan. Goodbye pan spray, hello coconut oil!

Diaper Balm

     Coconut oil is a great ingredient for my baby’s bottom. I use it when I change his diaper to help prevent rashes and keep his little bum moisturized. Chemical free and great working, I love when his little bum is well cared for. Also, it’s safe for cloth diapers!

Nipple Cream

     After learning that the La Leche League broke ties with Lansinoh for chemicals in their lanolin, I started searching for natural options. Coconut oil is great for nursing and I know it doesn’t contain pesticides from sheep wool like lanolin can.


     Coconut oil is a great baking ingredient. I melt it to use as a liquid in recipes, and also coat pans for baking with the oil, often followed by a little dusting of flour. The flavor is a great addition to so many baked goods, but shines especially in chocolate!

Sugar Scrub
     I love coconut oil in home made sugar scrub! It adds moisture to an exfoliating process and leaves my skin soft and well moisturized. It’s easy to mix in with other oils, or alone with sugar to give a moisturizng scrub to elbows, knees or all over!
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