Best Children’s Activities for Spring and Summer Learning a Four Tiered Learning Approach

Springtime offers a wonderful teaching opportunity for children of all ages. I really enjoy learning with my kids too. The grass turns green, flowers begin to bloom and the air is filled with life. Chirping birds, butterflies and even worms in the soil are busy preparing for an abundant summer. I love teaching my children about life in Spring and take the opportunity to create well structured activities. How do I structure an activity? Learning takes place in many forms. I like to use a Four Tiered approach to lessons. Using multiple learning tools helps ensure that the learning sticks and is well understood. Here is a Four tiered Spring Learning Activity that children and adults can enjoy! (contains affiliate links).

     Tier 1- Reading

When creating a three tiered activity, I like to select some tools. First, we like to start off by reading a book about the topic. One of the wonderful things about books, is that you can read them anytime. When the April showers have subsided, we take our lessons to the outdoors. I chose Caterpiliars and Butterflies and Big Book of Big Bugs. Caterpillars and Butterflies is a detailed account of how a butterfly turns from an egg, into a caterpilar and then into a beautiful butterfly. It’s a smaller and faster read then the Big Book of Big Bugs, which is bigger and has a harder cover.

Tier Two – Hand’s On Learning
      Reading is often a pre-activity part of the learning process for my boys. Reading even several times helps to reinforce what we will see, or have seen, in nature. The next part of the activity includes hands-on learning and searching in nature. Weather at the park, in our own yard or over at Grandma’s, looking at the insects in the dirt, flying through the air and even finding an intricate spider web provides invaluable learning. We have two magnifying glasses for the kids to share to help explore the tiny insects that make up such a gigantic part of our ecosystem. While we stand back from the bees, a magnifying lens help examine worms, grubs and other non-biting insects and their environment. We look at flowers, their stamens and where the bees and butterflies drink from and even dirt is so cool magnified! Plus, we talk about magnification and convex and concave lenses.


     Tier 3 – Online Learning
     I think children learn how to use an Ipad in the womb these days. I received a phone call from my Mom a few weeks ago. She was spending time with my 5 year old and wanted to turn on Hulu. After trying to talk her through it, I told her to turn the remote over to my 5 year old…who quickly accessed the app and turned it on the television. It’s a different generation and using technology responsibly can really enrich learning. We watched a great insect movie from Amazon, some youtube clips about worms and ants and saw insects from all over the world, right in our own home.
Tier 4 – Artistic Expression
     There’s nothing like seeing how my children have interpreted learning. I love hearing their thoughts, asking them to express their feelings, finding out what they thought was the most exciting and providing them the tools to make artistic expressions of the material. We
ather through painting, pretending to be insects, drawing or simply storytelling, expressing their learning is extremely valuable. It helps process the material, and tells me what parts of the activity worked best and what I may need to change up. We break out the crayons, paints and use anything at our disposal to pretend play. We laugh, have a great time and process what we learned.
     Weather you use all of these tiers on a single day, or break the learning up over multiple days, including different aspects to learning helps my children create long term memory stores that they can have for more then just a few moments. Books are an extremely valuable tool. They provide information, teach reading, spelling, word identification and come with imaginative pictures and stories. In combination with real-life hands-on learning, online learning and artistic expression, books help create lessons to last a lifetime.

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