BB Slen Babylonia USA Pineapple Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post, I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions here are my own. 

     I love babywearing. I love sharing wraps with all of you! I’m very excited to share this Babylonia BB Slen 100% Cotton Woven Wrap in Pineapple. The colors are beautiful, it was easy to wash and wear right from the start. This Mama-friendly wrap is great for beginners and experenced wrappers alike. At 30″ wide brand new, it’s great for baby all the way through toddler! My wrapee is over 3 ft tall and 35 lbs. This wrap is in a size “8” and I’m over 34 weeks along with our 4th addition. It’s supportive, has nice stretch and cush and is comfortable to wear. Here, take a look!

     This wrap came in excellent packaging. It came in a well structured cardboard box with the most complete and extensive babywearing manual I’ve seen accompany a wrap. Full photo instructions for many carries and a step-by-step guide for beginner through experienced babywearers. I love the variation in color in the stripes, and it looks even better when being worn. Other features include; 
  • 100% organic cotton 
  • Made using Fair Trade practices in India (knitted wraps produced in Holland)
  • Birth up to 40 lbs 
  • Made with non-toxic dyes
  • Front, Hip and Back carry friendly
  • Balanced level of grip
  • Easy to care for
  • Reasonably priced 
  • Nice angle to tails

     Many of the cotton wraps I’ve had the pleasure of wearing require initial care to tighten up loom state. In addition, many 100% cotton wraps require breaking in to develop softness and can feel a bit rough brand new. Not this one! When I saw the care tag on this wash, and read that it required a warm/cold wash and zero time in the dryer I was skeptical. I thought it would require more drastic measures, but I followed the instructions anyway. No beating the wrap up with dryer balls? Making hammocks out of it for my toddlers?? Nope. 

     I washed it in warm wash, cold rinse, low spin and hung it to dry on a rack indoors. It dried overnight and when I saw it in the morning I was pleasantly surprised. It had a slight wrinkle and felt soft to the touch. While it didn’t really ‘need’ an ironing, I followed it with the recommended warm iron and snapped the photos seen here. After testing for a few days, hubby helped me get some ‘action shots’ so you could see this carrier in use. It’s great! I have it out now and my 3.5 year old was testing it today. While this does perform better with double passes for heavier babies, I’m happy with the support it provides my toddlers.

     As you can see, we needed the size “8” and it’s my personal preference to use a long wrap. This wrap does loosen a bit during wear, but is easily tightened without having to re-do the entire wrap job. This is a double hammock and reaches nicely under my 21 m/o’s knees and up to his armpits. He spent quite a bit of time leaning backwards (wrinkling the top a bit) but as you can see it held securely. This wrap has a nice amount of grip. It’s not too much, the passes are easy to make, but it’s not a slippry wrap and the passes and knot held well. The wrap feels very well made to the touch and it’s very pleasant to look at. With all the color changes, I anticipated finding lots of weavers knots and thread changes…I have found two. In addition to quality, the wraps are very reasonably priced. Starting at $69 for a 2 and reaching $129 for an 8, this is an easy add to your stash.
     If you have a heavier wearee, I do recommend having enough length to make a double pass. My 37 lb 3.5 year old started to sink in a ruck and I felt more comfortable reinforcing it. He enjoys tucking his arms (and sometimes head) into a ruck, where my 21 m/o seen here prefers arms all out and is very active on my back. While I have no doubt that this fabric would make a nice ringsling, I love having the length, the knot size and I can’t wait to get DH to wrap with this too! If I could add anything to this wrap it would be a second middle marker. I like finding the markers with my fingers while I’m wrapping to get an idea of where I need to move it into place, especially when I don’t have a mirror and am in public or trying to wrap in our van!

     About the company. BabyloniaUSA is a sister company to Nova Naturals Toys & Crafts. Nova Naturals has a large imaginative and natural line of toys, home decor and even clothing. IMO they pair well with Babylonia and offer amazing products. The BB Slen woven wrap comes from a line of Babylonia carriers (I could write a whole article on each one!). Carriers include stretchy wraps in two varieties; Tricot Slen Organic and Tricot Slen cool (you can check back to see these in action when baby boy 4 arrives!). They even offer a BB-Sling (ringsling), BB-Tai which is inspired by traditional Mei-Tai carriers, and the Tri-Cotti which uses two fabric loops (no tying or buckling) to create a fast and easy carry. 
     The BabyloniaUSA company is owned by Jason Miller, he and his wife have 3 little ones and they are committed to high quality babywearing. After meeting husband/wife team Ingrid Guikers and Chris DeBruyn, Babylonia founders, Jason and his wife fell in love with the company and product line and this division was born! It’s a pretty fantastic story, I recommend reading the “About Us” section on their website and I know you’ll fall in love (and possibly complete allllll of your Holiday shopping!).

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