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My baby loves to be worn in both warm and cold weather. That’s why a babywearing jacket is so important. Unlike a regular jacket, a babywearing coat fits over both Mom and baby in his carrier. I don’t have to try to zip a big regular coat over us both, wondering if the zipper will bust at the seams (has happened). I also don’t have to wear so much gear that I waddle! We use our Kowalli Joey jacket to stay warm and the fit is fantastic! Great both as a pregnancy coat and babywearing coat, this babywearing jacket won’t go into the back or your closet after baby is born. Man I wish I had this while I was pregnant too! Check out my sample below and visit my affiliate at Amazon to shop.


     When it comes to babywearing and keeping warm, I’ve tried it all. I’ve bought large regular jackets and tried to zip them over both baby and I. Problem is that the entire coat is too big, not just the part over baby! I’ve tried stretchy coats and fought the zipper as it kept rolling down on our walk and wrapped us up like Icelandic explorers. Truth is, if you wear your baby you should have the proper coat. The Kowalli Joey Babywearing Jacket is a great product! It’s lightweight but warm, attractive and versatile. While not for back carries, and believe me I tried to wear this backwards and thankfully no one was there to witness it, this is perfect for front carries with soft structured carriers like the Ergo seen here, wraps and ringslings! You can get one during pregnancy and wear it up until your baby/toddler no longer needs to be worn.

Kowalli Joey Jacket Features Include:

  • Lightweight but warm
  • 97% nylon 3% lycra
  • Made in USA
  • Machine washable
  • Water and wind resistant
  • Compatible with all front baby carriers, slings, and wraps
  • Comfortable, flattering cross-panel construction ensures customized fit during pregnancy, babywearing, and postpartum
  • Concealed hood in collar
  • Adjustable length cuffs/sleeves
  • 2 fleece-lined hand pockets with snap closures plus easy-access zip pocket in back
  • Zipper pocket in back
  • Attractive and easy to care for





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Kowalli Joey Babywearing Jacket is a 3-in-1 babywearing coat for pregnancy, postpartum and babywearing. Wear this coat from pregnacy and while babywearing after baby is born. Made in the USA with the highest quality fabrics, this coat is beautiful, lightweight and warm.

Bottom photo credits Kowalli Baby


About the company: Kowalli was founded by Alizah Holstein who needed a solution for keeping her baby warm in cold New England temperatures. While she envisioned walking in the city, hiking in the mountains and skiing…I use my Kowalli babywearing coat and Kowalli babywearing cover for taking long stroller walks, running into Target and to keep baby warm while his older brothers go to Karate class! They truly are for everyone, well made and attractive.

If you follow my blog, then you know I love Mom invented, Mom run and USA made products! You’ll be thrilled to know that Kowalli products are made with “…100% American materials – including the highest quality Polartec™ fleece…” and made by “a New England manufacturer that employs and supports single moms.” Where can you find these? Please visit the Kowalli website to see a full line of products and to shop! Make sure to Like Kowalli on facebook and you can also find their products at the Kowalli Amazon Shop!

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4 years ago

I totally could have used a babywearing jacket last year while in New York. I just left my coat open.

4 years ago

Checking out Kowalli now! I’m having a winter baby in January and would love to try a babywearing coat for the first time.

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