BabyPinch Botique Chew-Choos Teething Necklace Review

Disclosure; I received a product sample to facilitate my review, as seen here in the photos, the opinions are my own, it contains affiliate links.

     I love jewelry. It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that makes me feel pretty. I was disappointed to realize that the shiny items I wore before my babies were no longer safe once they arrived. The thought of jewelry being broken, swallowed, causing any sort of harm to my children left me bling-less for too long! I was thrilled to discover baby safe teething jewelry. These items are designed to be worn by Mom and teethed on by baby. I was excited to have the opportunity to review this BabyPinch Botique Chew-Choos teething necklace and add it to my Baby friendly jewelry collection!

     The Chew-Choos Playdate silicone teething/nursing necklace is one of many items carried by Baby Pinch Botique, a baby shop based in San Jose California. The necklace here is known as the “Playdate” and made from 100% food grade silicone. It’s non-toxic and free from BPA and other scary things including latex. It’s hypoallergenic and bacteria resistant, easily cleaned with soap and water. The beads have a nearly wooden appearance, however they are soft enough to bend when I squeeze them. Like my other teething necklaces, I do notice that the silicone acts as a fuzz-attractor. Luckily it’s easy to wash on the go as needed and with the larger/heavier beads positioned in front it tends to lay nicely and not twist around.

     This necklace looks and feels unique with the multi-colored baby-safe beads in turquoise, grey and navajo white. Beads go from largest (15mm) to smallest (12 to 9mm) with larger beads in the middle and smaller at both ends. This design is reminiscent of real pearls! At 33″ long it’s designed to be right with in baby’s reach. In addition, it comes with a break-away clasp so if will simply unhook if pulled on forcefully. Although this necklace is designed for baby to play with and even use for teething, it should never be left alone with baby as anything long like this can cause a safety hazard.

    Love this necklace? You can find the Chew-Choos Playdate teething necklace on Amazon and get free 2-day shipping with Prime, or free shipping with $35+ for non-prime members. Make sure to follow BabyPinch Botique on Facebook for updates, reviews and giveaways and visit their online shop to see their entire selection of products.
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