Baby Sling Infant Deaths Prompt Recall; CPSC Advises Caution; Babywearing Safety Tips

     It occurred a few years ago; baby slings were recalled by the consumer product safety commission (CPSC) due to infant deaths. Carriers included Ring slings made by Sprout Stuff and Infantino Slingrider Baby slings. While these carriers may have been recalled, I often see un-returned carriers make their way into thrift shops, be passed from Mom to Mom and surface on the internet. Although these two slings were targeted, their style matches slings on the market today. While pouch style slings seems to be phasing out, ring slings continue to be a hot item, and there are many Etsy shops and other work at home Moms selling them online. It’s important to know the facts, how to safely carry baby and properly position him/her to avoid suffocation risks. while the Real Dangers of Babywearing for most are satirical, it’s important to stay up to date. Here is a really great video from the CPSC.

     One way to ensure that baby is safe is to invest in a well tested and reputable sling brand. Two main kinds of carriers are Soft Structured Carriers and Wraps. Soft structured carriers, known as SSCs are very popular and many people are familiar with Ergobaby. Woven wraps and stretchy wraps are another excellent way to safely carry baby. It’s important to remember to keep baby’s face visible, nose and mouth unobstructed, chin off of baby’s chest, and a properly positioned back avoiding the curved “C” position noted in the video above. Baby should also be close enough to your face that you can hear him/her breathing and never around your waist or with his/her face turned in towards you.

Recalled Slings Below
Top: Infantino SlingRider & Wendy Bellissimo
Bottom: Sprout Stuff Ring Slings

What to Do with a Recalled Sling

     The good news is that if you have an Infantino sling from the recall you can mail it in for a replacement product. Visit their online form to determine if your model is listed and follow their steps to begin the process. Infantino will replace the item with a baby safe carrier or other offered items you can choose from. While there is no replacement plan for the ringsling, there are many reputable and baby safe companies out there for you to purchase from.

 Tips for Safe Babywearing
     While there is no substitute for in-person babywearing training, there are safety tips promoted by the CPSC and babywearing organizations that even experienced babywearers practice. If you are unsure of your abilities, attend a babywearing meeting or take training to up your skills. Certainly consult with someone knowledgeable and enjoy the wondrous world of babywearing without worry.

Recommended Carriers
     You can’t go wrong with Ergobaby. Their line is well known, easy to use, stylish, comes with an infant insert and an array of features. This is a stock photo from their website.
     I love woven wraps! I appreciate our soft structured carriers and they are amazing for a quick in and out at the grocery store…but if I’m going for the distance I love a woven. Stretchy carriers (front carries only) are great and worked well for us in the first few months until a more supportive woven (front and back carriers) was needed. I’ll feature two below, Boba and Chimparoo. You can see my Chimparoo Woven Wrap Review out too! Chimparoo are under $100 on Amazon and the Boba stretchy Wraps are very reasonably priced  at around $40 too.Chimparoo with my 4 m/o in top photo, Boba stardust stretchy wrap with same baby at 4 days old (and with a slightly elevated biliruben) below.

     More of a ringsling fan? There are many reputable ringsling companies including Maya Wrap that you can find at major retailers and reputable WAHM companies who have submitted product to go through rigorous testing to ensure it’s safety.
     I hope you found this helpful! As always, I always appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and love to network on Google and LinkedIn. Companies care about these numbers when deciding which bloggers to select to review products etc. Thanks for stopping by!


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