Baby Birdy Bum Review

     I remember seeing “cloth diapers” for the first time in Babies-R-Us. My local branch carries Gerber unlined slip on covers and packs of prefolds. After seeing these products… I thought cloth diapering wasn’t for me. I had no idea how sophisticated and loving cloth diapers had become. I wasn’t introduced to modern cloth until I was gifted a pack of econobums and 2 pre-loved Bum Genuis aplix one-size diapers when my 2nd son was a few months old. I immediately loved the wonderful feeling knowing that my baby’s diapers are free from chemicals, won’t be contributing to landfill waste and help reduce pollution. Since that time, I have worked on growing my “stash” of cloth diapers and like many others, I love pockets!

***** Update Baby Birdy Bum has closed their shop***** 

      I was recently introduced to Baby Birdy Bum cloth diapers and have been thrilled to try out this brand (see photos)! I’m sure that once you see how fantastic these are, you’ll want to add them to your collection too. Baby Birdy Bum cloth diapers are one-size pockets that cover from 8-34 lbs. They come standard with snaps, a 13″ bamboo insert and soft bamboo microfleece liner. If you’re already a cloth diapering Mama (or Dada) then you are probably a fan of bamboo. If you’re new to cloth diapers, you will definitely become one! Bamboo inserts boast increased absorbency and eco-friendly properties that cloth diapering parents love. In fact, many companies use microfiber and charge more to include them with your purchase.

     Baby Birdy Bum diapers have 2 of my favorite features; one size and snaps. I love one-sized diapers. I want my cloth stash to work from newborn to potty training. I don’t like the idea of purchasing different sizes as my baby grows, and one-sized allows for this. I am also a huge fan of snap closures. I have 2 aplix/velcro style diapers that are fast for me to put on, and easy for my toddler to take off (and run nude/pee through the house)! So far, snap closures are something only I can operate. These cloth diapers have worn well, clean easily and maintain their beautiful color through many washes! I recommend this brand over and over again.
     While many diapers boast being ‘one size’ they stopped fitting my babies as they neared 30 lbs. I am thrilled to say that our Baby Birdy Bums still fit my 34 lb toddler and 28 lb infant and have room to go! I reach for these first, and while some of ours are over a year old…they still look great. 

      The feel of  Baby Birdy Bum diapers is very soft. From the microfleece bamboo liner to the soft outer PUL (waterproof outer layer) , overall this has to be the softest feeling cloth diaper I own. Unsure how to care for it, I was thrilled to find wash & warranty instructions in the diaper package. I laundered it once by itself (handwash in the sink and line dry) and have been washing it with the rest of my cloth stash. The color and quality properties have remained. Baby Birdy Bum also totes a one year warranty that covers issues “…outside of normal wear and tear, leaking, and pilling fleece.”
     When I’m shopping for cloth diapers two important features I look for are quality and fit. So, for those of you new to the company I have included a comparison of cut and size to 3 other popular Pocket diaper brands.  As you can see, the snap variety and location on the Baby Birdy Bum diaper offers many positions, and is closest in size to the Bum Genius 4.0. When placed directly on top of each other, the Baby Birdy Bum shows slightly longer snap arms and is just a hair longer in length. 
     In addition to soft PUL, great microfleece and a bamboo insert…these diapers have crossover snaps! If you cloth diaper on the go and do the ‘poop roll’, then you know how fantastic these snaps are. In addition to helping with cloth on the go, the position and number of arm snaps make getting a good fit easy and keeps the diaper in place while my pumpkin is playing.

My son is 27 lbs and he has lots of room to grow! We are on the first rise of snaps and there is a good deal of room for expansion in the waist. The elastic around the legs and back is in a comfortable position and he moves very well in this setting. We have had no leaks and the opening for the pocket is large enough that I have double stuffed for nap time and long car rides.
      Some company information. Company owner Jenny O’Neal Dela Cruz, Founder “Mama Bird” is both a Mom and committed to living an eco-friendly lifestyle. In fact Baby Birdy Bum supports the International Rescue Committee by donating proceeds from every sale to the organization. 
      Make sure to visit the Baby Birdy Bum website HERE. Check out the company on Twitter , Pinterest and Facebook, and contact Jenny with any questions.
Disclaimer: I received a baby birdy bum cloth diaper to facilitate this review, however the opinions expressed here are my own. The photos I have of our experience were taken by me and content from the Baby Birdy Bum website has been referenced accordingly through link.
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