B. Toys Bristle Block Stackadoos Review

Disclosure; This is not a sponsored post. I did receive a product sample to facilitate my review however the opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links. 

     If you’re not familiar with B. Toys, let me introduce you! I first discovered this line in the aisle at Target. I saw a cat piano and a barn and passed up the line thinking that colors were odd. It wasn’t until my boys picked out the AB3s Wooden Stand and a floor puzzle (that we no longer have the parts to thanks to our GSD) that we were hooked. The toys are colorful, incite imagination and many are wooden. Designed in the USA and made in China to keep costs reasonable, you’ll find that these toys are both imaginative and affordable. In this article I’m highlighting the Bristle Block Stackadoos. See them below:

     The packaging says “2yrs to 5 yrs” but I think the Stackadoos are fun for adults too. Never let a toy’s label limit your imagination. These plastic blocks are covered in rounded prickles and feel great between your fingers. To create with Bristle Block Stackadoos you simply place two parts together, bristle sides facing, and press. The bristles separate and mold softly together with a nice end feel, pleasing any properioception lover. After seeing these in person, I thought that this would be a very popular item for childhood play and also in rehabilitation centers for all ages. Before I could snap many photos of the bristle blocks, my kids had the jar open and began playing with them! My 2 year old, my 3 year old and my 5 year old love these equally. They’re fantastic and I recommend them to all!

     The blocks come with many different shapes and sizes. Squares, rectangles, a few triangles, cylinders and bristly pegs that let the imagination run wild. I didn’t provide any instruction and right away my children made a dog spaceship (above) and a dog (below). The clear container comes with 68 stacksdoos bristle blocks and before I could count how many of each were included…they were in play! We later discovered that my 2 year old thought of the clear container as a helmet (it has since then been placed out of his reach) and we are storing these in a storage bin when they’re not being used.
     Overall they’re reasonably priced and available at major retailers including Target and Amazon. Room for improvement? I love these blocks! If I had any constructive criticism it’s that they don’t have enough in the container. 68 sounds like a lot of blocks until 3 little boys are trying to play with them, then it doesn’t seem like nearly enough to keep everyone happy. In my opinion this should come in a mega sized or family set for multiple users (cough cough) even possibly Mom… A triple sized set would be perfect! Cleaning and care is easy. While our block set hasn’t become ‘dirty’ really, they are waterproof. The website encourages cleaning with a ‘soft cloth dampened with warm soapy water’ and allowing for adequate dry time. However I think allowing them to be used as bath toys can keep little ones happy in the bath and covers care and cleaning of the stackadoos if needed. Rubbing alcohol is mentioned and I imagine this would be a good way to disinfect them should the need arise.

     If you visit the B. Toys website  your first thought may be…this is unique…which is exactly the response the company is searching for. B. Toys wants you to be “ready for the unexpected” and items have been designed with “Peruvian textiles and New England foliage” for color inspiration. With toys like the Zany Zoo and the Vet clinic you may find, as we have, that your first purchase will lead to a series of purchases for your family. You can shop the B. Toys Amazon store for toys shipped 2-day for free with Prime (my favorite) or free over $35 without Prime.

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