Awesome Blossom Cloth Diaper Review and Giveaway

I was provided with a diaper sample to facilitate this review, the diaper is pictured here in the photographs, the opinions and experiences are my own, I have provided some helpful links too. Thanks for stopping by!! Collage below is made with Awesome Blossom stock photos.

      I love cloth diapers! I am very excited to have the opportunity to share Awesome Blossom Cloth Diapers with you!! Awesome Blossom offers pocket diapers (like the one seen here), fitted diapers and trainers both from the Eli Monster Company on their website. (1). They have a new line of patterns that are being revealed on their facebook page and you can see the latest exciting releases in the collage photo above!! 

     Awesome Blossom pocket diapers come with a PUL outer, a micro fleece stay-dry inner and a 3-layer microfiber insert (pictured below). One of my favorite features of pocket diapers is the ability to customize absorbency. I paired our 3-layer microfiber insert with a second insert for my well hydrated babies, and love this adorable print on my boys! It fits both my 34 lb toddler and 8 m/o baby. I have seen a lot of robot prints, and this is one of my absolute favorites!

(3-layer microfiber insert above, micro fleece liner below)

     Awesome Blossom is a combo company. They design patterns in the USA for diapers like the one pictured here which are fairly made in China, and also sell handmade-in-the USA fitteds and trainers from the Eli Monster Company! (1). In addition to the variety of diapers they offer, one of the most exciting things about this company…is the flat $5.95 shipping rate! I have ordered diapers from other companies and the last batch of prefolds I ordered cost almost $17 in shipping (gasp! I know, ouch right?). It’s great to know that there will be no surprises at checkout.

     Awesome Blossom diapers come with this adorable side label and are recommended to be washed 2-3 times before initial use. It’s recommended to do a warm wash, cold rinse and diapers can be tumble dried on medium, but high heat is discouraged. (1). I have two boys in cloth and personally wash my inserts with all free and clear separately on a sanitize cycle with a tumble dry on medium, and warm wash/cold rinse/line dry all of my shells. So far it has kept them looking great, but wash results will vary based on the type of machine, wash frequency, and sometimes water type for dirty diaper laundry.

     This Awesome Blossom diapers offers two rows of rise snaps in the front, and two rows of adjustable snaps for the waist to allow for a customized fit for babies of all sizes. Diapers are designed to fit approximately 9-35 lbs and offer crossover snaps for a smaller waist closure. Crossover snaps are not only fantastic for slim and smaller sized babies, but are also essential in constructing a ‘dirty diaper roll’ for cloth diapering on the go!! I wish all companies included them, it’s a nice extra tidbit that parents can appreciate when dealing with a stinky diaper.

 (biggest above, smallest below)

     Features you may notice that differentiate this diaper from other brands, are the smaller opening for the insert in the back. It stretches easily to insert the insert… (haha) but closes again to keep it in place. The PUL has a very nice pattern and overall the diaper feels light/trimmer then other brands we have. I would recommend this for parents looking for a trimmer fit/less diaper bulk, anyone who loves pockets, and those looking for great prints. I get asked about absorbency and leaks – a lot. I would recommend using a second insert with this 3-layer, and I always use 2 inserts in all of my diapers with MF. It will all depend on your baby’s hydration and output. Shop Awesome Blossom’s store HERE and make sure to follow on Facebook for upcoming releases and great deals!

The Drama
     If you have googled Awesome Blossom cloth diaper reviews like I have then I’m sure you noticed some negativity. There are several articles and chatter on a cloth diaper page reporting that Awesome Blossom was selling re-branded Alva Baby diapers on Zulilly. One good article mention is from Maman Loup’s Den. I can not speak to purchases from Zulily, I have never shopped there, and if you have questions or concerns about this issue Please contact the company directly. I can speak directly to the diaper we were given as a sample. I do own Alva baby diapers and I can say this diaper has many dissimilarities to the brand. Some include; Our Alva Baby has a poly lining, this diaper is lined with Microfleece. Alva Baby diapers have 3 rows of rise snaps, and this diaper has two. In addition, this Awesome Blossom diaper has a larger and more square front panel.
     Why would I agree to review and host a giveaway with this negativity out there? I do offer a disclosure that if I get a product sample…and it would leave to a negative review, I don’t put effort into publishing it because no one wants to read it and I would rather spend my time saying nice things about companies we have had good experiences with. I got this sample in the mail, it’s cute, my kids love it, its holding up well to wash and wear and I thought I’d share it with you! I believe cloth diapering parents will love the new prints they have out I strive for positivity in life and hope I’m at least achieving that goal even a little.

     Okay, now that you know all about Awesome Blossom diapers and must have this robot print!! It’s time to enter to win one!! Please use the giveaway tool below and as always, thank you for stopping by! One 18+ US Winner will be contacted by email and will have 48 hours to respond and choose pocket. Prize information will be requested and passed onto Awesome Blossom for fulfillment. 


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