Are You Putting Chemicals on Your Baby?

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 Baby’s first bath is a precious time. We purchased a little blue bath tub and have used it with each of our sons, it definitely has sentimental value! We took photographs and have enough loving memories to last a lifetime. Or so I thought. After learning that a major baby company was including potentially harmful chemicals in their products, I felt deceived. Those memories now became tainted with fear and worry, what had my babies been exposed to?
     At my first son’s baby shower I received 8 or 9 bottles of baby shampoo/body wash. They were all from the Johnson & Johnson baby line, including Aveeno. Let’s face it, when Moms I know think of baby bath time, they think of Johnson & Johnson. The company has done so well marketing their line that a bottle is handed to new Moms at our local hospital. How do you compete with that? It looks like a hospital recommendation.
     Before I learned about the company’s extensive reach, I felt that Aveeno was a more baby friendly, caring product and have even used the adult versions on myself. I later learned that it’s also made by Johnson & Johnson, as well as other products including Neutrogena and Clean and Clear.
     When reports of harmful chemicals (1) in Johnson & Johnson products surfaced, I wondered to what extent my babies had been exposed and what the effects were. Putting chemicals on a 150lb adult is different then putting chemicals on a 9 lb baby with a developing nervous system. Just recently, the ‘yellow’ J & J bottle was provided to us at the hospital. Obviously institutions aren’t taking these reports seriously or demonstrating concern, so should we?
     Even though the company promises to phase out chemicals, I’m not taking any chances. They lost me as a customer when they decided to include them in the first place. I won’t buy from a company I can’t trust. Bottom line is, if I read a package and can’t figure out what an ingredient is – it’s not going on my kids.
     I started researching and using natural bath products. I can’t undo the past, but I can impact the future. I have come up with my top 3 choices. These products have been tested and used over and over in my personal laboratory…or bathroom (haha) and I highly recommend them.

1. California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo & Body Wash . I’ve been using this on both of my toddlers and baby for over four years now. This version is ‘super sensitive’ and fragrance free. It does come in great fragrances are carried on Amazon and I also find it at Target. Their product line includes bubble bath, lotion, bug spray, and a variety of options. This version literally has no fragrance and is wonderful for keeping chemicals away from baby.

2. BetterBody Organic Coconut Oil . I actually purchased this amazing large jar for just under $9 at my Sam’s Club, where it is occasionally carried, but it can be purchased at many retailers including Amazon. The unrefined version (seen here) smells like real coconut….because it is! I use this as a lotion, baby oil, and cloth diaper safe cream and have a separate jar for cooking. The ‘oil’ is actually a solid until it reaches warmer temperatures and melts in my hand.

3. Dr. Bronner’s Organic Pure Castile Liquid Soap for Babies. I’m thrilled to find this at our Wegman’s grocery store, and shipping For Free with Amazon. I recently took this to the hospital and handed it over to the nursery with instructions to use it instead of Johnson & Johnson product they provide. I got a special visit from the nurse to ask where I purchased it (so she could get some for her granddaughter!) and to tell me how great it is!

     I hope my product recommendations help you find safe and great performing baby products. Chemical-free baby products will always be found on my babies and I’m thankful to the companies who produce them. I know each time I open the bottle exactly what is going on my baby, and that it’s safe. Who could compete with that peace of mind?


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