AppleCheeks size 4 Universal Cloth Diaper

AppleCheeks size 4 Universal cloth diaper

AppleCheeks released a new diaper to their line, the AppleCheeks size 4! As an AppleCheeks size 3 lover, I am very excited for the new addition to their collection. As a proud Mom who cloth diapers a disabled child, I am so excited to see a great brand making a cloth diaper that goes up to 100lbs! Post contains affiliate links.

applecheeks size 4 universal

AppleCheeks is well know for their Canadian made pocket diapers in size 1 and 2. They expanded their line for an AppleCheeks size 3 and then an AppleCheeks one-size cloth diaper. Now, AppleCheeks has released a size 4, otherwise known as the AppleCheeks Universal that goes all the way up to 100lbs!

The AppleCheeks size 4, just like the 1,2, and 3, is a pocket diaper with adjustable waist snaps. However, the diaper doesn’t offer rise snaps hence the need for different sizes. In addition, you wouldn’t want a one-size diaper that fits a newborn all the way through 100lbs so the sizes are really nice.

See our AppleCheeks size 3 Review and stay tuned for an AppleCheeks sie 4 review!

Read about cloth diapers for disabled persons here.

Want to get the AppleCheeks size 4 into your stash right away?


applecheeks size 4 universal

*Images in article are from AppleCheeks and have not originated from this website.

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3 years ago

I am so happy to finally find a review of these. I’m trying to decide if I can cloth diaper my 6 year old son with CP, he’s 54 lbs and solid. Have you used a certain insert in this?

3 years ago
Reply to  Mama Banana

I’m going to get one of the Applecheeks covers and the BG cover and see which I like best before I invest in them. I thougth about getting a few of the GMD swaddlers you wrote about and maybe the 3 ply insert that Applecheeks sells. What prefolds do you use? I’m hoping the diaper won’t be too bulky, he doesn’t walk but he scootes around. Any other inserts you suggest? I may try one of the Super Undies as well. I really appreciate your help!

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