5 Reasons to Say No to Dishwasher Pods; Why I Ditched the Pacs

     Having a family of 5 means lots of laundry and dishes. I rely on my dish washer to help me get everything clean and sanitized for the next meal. When our dish washer started under-performing I was disappointed. It was only a few years old and replaced a machine that made it to almost 30 years!!
     We gathered funds and selected a dish washer. I couldn’t wait for it to be installed! When the installation crew arrived and started to uninstall our older machine I explained what was going on. “We call this a Cascade Service call…do you use those dish washer pacs?” I was shocked. Of course I do, I have been using them for years and thought they were helping out my dishes. “There is a membrane around them that doesn’t always dissolve and causes undue wear and tear on the machine’s motor…leading to early replacement.” Insert disbelief, frustration and anger here.

     I was devastated. Did I ruin my machine with pods?!! I was already aware of the CBS News report in Nov of 2014 reporting that thousands of children have been poisoned by washer pods. I knew it was time for them to go! I thought I would test out how a pod dissolves and I stirred this one around in a glass for several minutes. You can see the results below. As you can see, the membrane didn’t totally dissolve and there was a strong scent from the chemicals inside.

Five Reasons to say NO to Dishwasher Pods
  1. They possibly don’t dissolve in your machine.
  2. They are colorful and attractive to children.
  3. Exposure to highly concentrated chemicals inside just through handling.
  4.  The CDC has a report on pods….
  5. Poisoning to children/pets/cognitively impaired adults occurs fast.

What to use instead? Go the old fashioned route and use powder or liquid detergent. We have switched to Rockin Green laundry and dish detergent .Not only are the products far less toxic, but they are scented naturally and free from harsh chemicals and I really enjoy the dish detergent scent! This is my affiliate link and banner below. 


http://www.cbsnews.com/news/cdc-warns-laundry-detergent-pods-pose-health-risk/ http://www.cbsnews.com/news/laundry-detergent-pods-pose-poisoning-hazard-for-kids/ http://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm6141a1.htm?s_cid=mm6141a1_w

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