3 Easy Steps For Changing Poop Cloth Diapers on the Go

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     I feared our first poop cloth diaper in public. I wasn’t sure when it would happen but I knew it would! Poop happens. Poop happens at home and on the go. As a cloth diapering parent, I can’t just throw away the diaper and washcloth aka reusable wipe…I had to figure out how to transport a soiled diaper, contain the odor and get it home for cleaning. Once I discovered the poop roll, I knew I had a system down and felt confident handling all diapers on the go. This works best with diapers that have crossover snaps, but can be done with diapers that don’t have them, it just may not stay rolled as well.
     So what supplies do you need? I typically take diaper covers like Grovia Hybrid shells, prefolds, a wetbag and pre-moistened wash cloths in a small wetbag or butibag. I’ve tried carrying wipe solution, and this may work well for you, but having the pre-moistened cloths is so fast and easy that it’s my go-to method for wipes on the go.

Step 1
     Take the soiled diaper and lay it flat snap side up and wings out.

Step 2

Carefully roll from bottom to top, making sure not to squeeze the contents out the leg holes.

Step 3
Use the cross over snaps to secure the diaper closed and place in wetbag for transport home.

     In a few easy steps my babies and I became professionals at handling poop on the go. After I started rolling diapers I found that my diaper bag didn’t smell, diapers were easier to clean and I didn’t open up a wetbag to find a diaper mess. With two boys in cloth, our wetbag can get pretty full! I’m proud to take our cloth diapers in public and while most of our diaper changes happen in the van, when we do use restrooms I find that they strike up conversations with other Moms and Grandmas.
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