10 Things That Become Impossible During Pregnancy

Pregnancy makes many everyday activities hard. While the beginning of pregnancy is well known for morning/all day sickness, the last weeks are hard because of your belly. You see, as my belly grew it got harder to do basic things. I remember walking into my OB’s office late November. She looked at my feet and asked, “Is it flip flop weather today?” No, I replied…”I couldn’t get my sneakers on!” I never expected to be unable to dress completely during pregnancy. Here is a list of my top 10 things that become impossible during pregnancy. This post is sponsored and contains affiliate links.

10 things that become impossible to do during pregnancy

  1. Tying My Shoes

As my belly grew, my choice in shoes shrunk. Even if I got my foot into a slip-on shoe, I couldn’t reach down well to adjust it. I tried spreading my legs apart and reaching from the side, lying on my back and every gymnastic maneuver I could manage. As an OT, I was lucky to have some ADL tools in my closet and used a long handled shoe horn to guide my wide, swollen pregnancy lady feet into some slip-ons!

2. Putting on socks

     Along with tying my shoes, reaching down to put on socks was another hurdle. The last few weeks my feet were a bit swollen and I liked wearing support socks. Unfortunately, these super tight socks designed to keep swelling down and support my legs were nearly impossible to get on! I would wake up in the morning and lie on my back wrestling the stretchy beasts until I had them up to my knees. At night, I had to ask my husband to take them off!

3. Seeing your nether regions

I have always tried to keep my lady area groomed. I don’t go for a full wax, but I have a trimmer and try to keep the lawn mowed…so to speak. Towards the end of my pregnancies, I started to think about all the people who would see my nether region. I tried desperately to trim my lady lawn on the commode and had to use a mirror to see! I didn’t do a fantastic job without my vision to guide me…but I felt lucky to get it trimmed at all!

4. Walking through narrow spaces

     Near the end of my 4th pregnancy, I was waiting in a semi-long line in the handicapped aisle at the supermarket and saw the cashier looking at me. Once she had my attention she said, “The line next to me is open.” I glanced at it and replied, “I know, but I can’t fit down that aisle” and pointed at my belly. I never noticed how narrow supermarket checkouts were until I had to squeeze a giant belly through!

5. Sitting

     Sitting. Yes….sitting. There came a point during pregnancy when my belly hit my thighs and I had to lean back a bit to sit down. For awhile I could sit with my legs apart to make room for my belly, but after awhile breathing was tough sitting upright and I had to lean back! It also became difficult to get up from a sitting position! Normally, we lean forward to stand up but when you’re bump is fully bumped…getting up can require help!

6. Sex

     Between all-day nausea, my giant pregnant lady underwear and support socks…I didn’t feel very attractive duirng pregnancy. In addition, my sex drive went up and down. There were times when I desired it and felt to ill to participate, other times I felt energetic. However, towards the end, it seemed like having sex was nearly physically impossible! My husband is a big man and we learned some new positions that avoided having him put pressure on my belly and were enjoyable for both of us.

7. Walking Long Distances

     There was a point during each pregnancy that I was nesting and needed to go to a big box store. Walking had become difficult. My pelvis hurt, I think it was loose in the front and I waddled when I walked Donald duck style. In addition, when my belly got really big strangers would ask if I was planning on delivering the baby in-store! I learned to drive one of those electric grocery carts and managed Target and Walmart like a pro!

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10 things that become impossible to do during pregnancy. At the beginning of pregnancy, these things may be easy to accomplish. Towards the end every day tasks can be daunting.

8. Breathing

     I knew when my belly dropped because it suddenly became easier to breathe! As baby got higher I felt like all of my organs were getting squished towards my lungs. I got short of breath easily, couldn’t inhale fully and felt like I should have had an oxygen tank! As someone who was previously in pretty good shape I felt so odd being out of breath as I huffed and puffed walking up stairs.

9. Driving

     Driving during pregnancy was a challenge! My belly made it difficult to sit fully upright and it was hard to get close enough to the steering wheel. I tried to avoid driving for the most part, but for doctor appointments and grocery shopping I had to get my giant bump behind the wheel. I developed a position where I leaned the seat back a tad, put my left leg near the door jam and positioned my seatbelt as recommended so I could drive.

10. Dealing with strangers

     I have never considered myself to be an extrovert, but I do enjoy the company of friends. It wasn’t until I became pregnant that personal questions from complete strangers started. Full details in my 10 things never to say to a pregnant woman. I started giving myself extra time and dreaded going to the supermarket. There are few things more irritating to a tired pregnant woman, wearing support socks having difficulty walking, than a stranger asking if I’m delivering vaginally.

     Before I knew it, I had delivered baby and pregnancy was over. I documented babywearing through pregnancy and I’m glad I have photos to look back on! I look back now and it really has gone by in a flash! Soon after I had my baby, questions about when I would get back to my pre-pregnancy body started. Many people told me that time would fly with children and it does! Enjoy every moment. Even the tough ones.

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Zephyr Hill
Zephyr Hill
4 years ago

I’ve lost track of how many things I’ve bumped and knocked over with my stomach sticking out. Even my family members get jostled by me sometimes. LOL On Sunday’s, my oldest daughter helps me put on my stockings before church. We both get a good laugh out of it!

4 years ago

Staying awake all day! I had to take a nap most days while pregnant.

4 years ago

Oh man! So much of this resonates with me.

Robijn C
Robijn C
4 years ago

These are so true! I was glad to be in the 3rd trimester during the summer for footwear alone. Flip flops all the way!

Liz Johnson
Liz Johnson
4 years ago

haha so true, I related to all of these for all of my pregnancies! I have 5 boys and now pregnant with my 6th baby and every time we go anywhere we hear the comments about 5 boys and hopefully this baby is a girl… gets old!

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