Would you Buy your Son a Doll?

Would you Buy your Son a “Girl’s” Toy; Even a Doll?

     Christmas time is fast approaching, and it seems to be getting earlier and earlier every year. It’s the beginning of November and stores have already put out great Holiday deals! The toy store was packed with Christmas shoppers today and I’m not one to pass up a great price. I set out to purchase one of the items on our list; a play kitchen! As a Mom of 4 young boys I need to get my shopping done early and shop year round. 
     I was thrilled to see the Step 2 Lil Chef’s Gourmet Kitchen on super sale! This is a great size kitchen, at a great price. Unlike many kitchens which appeared large, but were actually small when I read the description, this kitchen is a whopping 46.0 x 39.0 x 16.7. Perfect for my sons! Or so I thought… The idea hadn’t crossed my mind (until someone asked me) why I wanted a “girl’s toy” for my sons to play with. Maybe it’s the decade, or the fact that my brother does the majority of his family’s cooking, or the disposition I was raised with…..but I never thought of a kitchen as being a girl toy. Okay, maybe the bright pink ones more so, but definitely not a gender neutral kitchen with a fun recycling bin like this one! Everyone…should know how to cook and a Vagina is not a prerequisite for operating a stove.

     In fact, I would hope that as my sons grow they become proficient at cooking and baking. What a debilitating thought to imagine they would starve without a woman around to cook! The same way that a woman would run out of gas in her car waiting for a man to pump it. (Although I do enjoy when my husband pumps the gas, hey, it’s cold outside in PA!)
     Before the birth of my 2nd son, I bought my 1st son a cabbage patch doll (pictured on the right). I wanted him to have experience with a “baby” and knew a doll would be great for role playing! He picked one out and although I was surprised when he chose purple (I thought he liked green), I didn’t think twice before placing her in our cart. I did wonder if toting around a purple cabbage patch doll would get a reaction from strangers in public. (Since I became a Mom, strangers are more free and comfortable doling out opinions/advice then they were when I was in my Pre-Mom phase.) To my surprise, the few times she did go on out with us, we didn’t get any unwanted feedback from strangers! Thumbs up to the public! 
This makes me wonder, as parents is there a line you draw when allowing your male children to play with “girl” toys? Would you let your son play with a doll? How about a doll from a different race? How about a doll that breastfeeds? Is a play kitchen acceptable, but wearing a pink My Little Pony t-shirt taking it too far? How much weight do you place on how others’ will react to your child when allowing them to make these decisions? Our The Breast Milk Baby,on the left with my son.
With that being said, what’s on your Holiday lists?

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