GMD Workhorse Fitted Review; Prepping Natural Fibers

Green Mountain Diapers (GMD) Cloth-eez Workhorse fitted diapers have become a staple in our cloth diaper collection. Looking back at our cloth journey, I wish I had started off with these and simply moved up a size as needed. They are reasonably priced, made of natural fibers, come with or without snaps, are easy to care for, great fit and excellent absorbency. They are ideal for heavy wetters, car rides, overnights and fit well under a cover (which they require to be waterproof)…or…are great for coverless at home. I wish someone would have instructed me to buy these at the start of our cloth experience…but better late then never!

Green Mountain Diapers offers workhorse fitted diapers in regular and organic cotton. The ones photographed here are organic cotton fitteds. They range from $5.50 (xs) to $11.25 (XL) in the organic…and for that price…WOW! Why wouldn’t you get the organic? Wondering about cloth diapering a newborn? A good number to have, as recommended by GMD, is around three dozen (some parents prefer more or less), however I started out cloth diapering with 12 prefolds and 2 covers, so I say get what you can afford and build from there.

$5.50 each for size Newborn, orange edges fits birth to 11 or 12 pounds
$8.50 each for size Small, yellow edges fits 9 to 15 pounds.
$9.50 each for size Medium, red edges fits 14 to perhaps 24 pounds.
$9.95 each for size Large, brown edges fits 21 to 30 pounds (or starting at around 18 pounds for rounder, fuller-shaped babies)
$11.25 each for sizes XLarge, green edges fits 26-38 pounds, or age 2-3 (this info is directly from the GMD website)

     Natural fiber fitteds, like all natural fiber diapers, do require prepping. The diaper up top with Optimus prime is brand new, the prepped diaper with Bumblebee has been used 5-6 weeks and in our regular cloth rotation. See how the fibers are puckered and look more worn? This is the sign that it’s at it’s max absorbency and will perform the best. Make sure to read Are There Chemicals in Cloth Diapers to understand my love for natural fibers…especially those from GMD!

If you’ve ever held a prefold diaper in your hand and thought…why isn’t this shaped like a diaper?! Then these are certainly for you. Cloth-eez workhorses are made from beautiful 100% cotton prefold material and are exclusive to the Green Mountain Diapers company. Unlike other fitted diapers, that easily sell for $30 and above, these beauties are reasonably priced and make it easy to go up to the next size when baby is ready. I honestly wish I had about 40 of these! I could kick myself for spending $20 on a popular cloth diaper pocket brand that was recommended to me when I first started. Okay, so let’s have an up close look at this diaper (XL) – here come the photos.

 Top photo: 1 Row of Snaps with 2 Arm Snaps on each side;
Below Front of Diaper with Crossover Snap and Closed Arms
 Lowest Photo: Back of Diaper with Elastic and Insert Seam
     Workhorse fitteds come with an sewn-in insert attached at the rear of the diaper and while Newborn fitteds have 6 layers in the flap, all bigger sizes have 8 layer flaps. These dry faster then I originally thought they would, and since they don’t have a PUL waterproof outer like many other diapers, they can get hot water washed and dried just like our prefolds.
GMD Workhorse fitteds require prepping for maximum absorency and a wash and dry cycle 5-6 times is typically all that’s needed. I complete that by putting them through with my regular laundry in the washer, then to the dryer, and right back into the washer with other laundry. If you have enough they could be their own load! While you don’t need special detergent, if you’re staying with a chemical reduced lifestyle free and clear detergents always work well. I personally like All Free and Clear, but there are many options out there. Stay away from fabric softeners, as this can cause repelling and decrease the absorbency of your diapers.
     The insert is the perfect size for the diaper, and although these diapers require a cover to be waterproof, I do let  my boys wear them without a cover at home. As soon as they feel damp to the touch on the outside I change them. More natural fibers, air flow and overall happiness and ease in our diaper routine. What about poop you say? This fabric is surprisingly easy to clean and I use our Spray Pal and Cloth Diaper Sprayer to hose them off into the toilet if needed. You can always use a diaper liner if it’s really a concern, but they are easier to clean then some of our other fabrics.
 (Top: unprepped Workhorse inside, Bottom: unprepped Workhorse outside)

     The Green Mountain Diapers Workhorse Fitted diapers are great for a newborn all the way through toddlerhood and I regularly recommend them. I feel like they’re a hidden gem on the Green Mountain Diapers Website and any future babies in our family will start out with a stash of these!!

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