Which Woven Baby Wrap is Perfect for You?

     If you’re new to woven wraps, or an experienced wrapper, you have a huge selection of companies you can purchase from. How do you choose? The patterns, styles, colors and new releases seem endless! In addition to variety, cost varies greatly. There are wraps under $100 and wraps over $1,000. How do you know what to buy? Is a $1,000 wrap really worth the price? Identifying characteristics you value in a wrap can help narrow your search. Here are some factors to help narrow down your choices.

      I’ve looked at wraps from many companies and have found that while fabric may be of similar weave, fiber content and color, width is extremely important to me. Fiber content can also help narrow your search; There are wraps made from 100% cotton, cotton/linen, linen, cotton/bamboo, cotton/repreve, cotton/recycled cotton, cotton/tencel, cotton/silk….the list goes on and on!! Price. When I click on a beautiful photo of a wrap…and see that it’s one of a kind and the auction price is already up to $1,200…I immediately know that it’s not for me. I don’t long for it, I know that my wraps will be well used and I don’t want to spend that kind of money on something my baby may poop on. What else you ask?! I have a running list of characteristics I love in wraps, and have created a list here for you.

Factors to help narrow your search:

  • Price (varies drastically, can go from around $90 upwards of $1,000)
  • Width (usually around 25-30″ wide)
  • Length (shortie or super long wrap)
  • Fiber content (if it’s crunchy and diggy I just can’t do it)
  • Availability (How many were made, is it a repeat release?)
  • Personality/Humanness of the company owner and employees
  • New or Already pre-loved or broken-in
  • Density (often known as g/m2)
  • Worthiness to carry a toddler or newborn sized baby – or both
  • Pattern/Design (While I love nature inspired patterns, I just can’t do fire breathing dragons)
  • Stretch/Tightness of Pattern Weave  
  • Grip or Slippriness of a wrap. Some refer to it as “Velcro” quality

     Price is always a major factor. While some Moms thrive on one of a kind, or hard to get wraps that are going at high prices…these wraps are out of many of our budgets and lifestyles. If you don’t have an endless budget, trying several wrap brands and styles may seem impossible as well. How can you accomplish this?

  • Vicarious wrapping; Join groups online and read stories from real Moms using the products
  • Attend your closest babywearing meeting
  • Get to know some local Moms who babywear and get together to check out each others’ wraps. I’m always surprised at the number of babywearing Moms I know! While not everyone talks about it publically, many Moms have and love carriers
  • If you don’t live near any other babywearing Moms our groups, you can join a traveling wrap group online. This does require a feedback link and people to vouch for you. Let’s face it, a company isn’t going to send out a $200 wrap to someone who might ruin, sell or lose it, but if you’re trustworthy and can prove it…testing wraps is a great way to go! Often you have to pay shipping with insurance to the next person…so you have $10 and can get to the post office…this is a great way to try out many wraps in your own home! 

     If you have the opportunity to try out one woven wrap, or one thousand...I hope you truly enjoy your experience. Looking down, or back at your little one all snuggled and happy is an amazing experience I hope all Moms can have (Dads too)! Want to talk wraps? Message me! I love helping other Moms find their dream carrier and I hope you can too. Wraps aren’t for you? There are MANY ways to babywear. From soft structured carriers to stretchy wraps, however you babywear…remember that happiness is the goal!
     As always, thanks for stopping by! I really appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and love to network on Google and LinkedIn. Companies care about these numbers when deciding which bloggers to select to review products etc. So thank you for following! Want to work together? E-mail MamaBananasAdventures@gmail.com

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    Jessica Robin Riley
    Jessica Robin Riley
    4 years ago

    This would be for my 8 mnth old. I’ve yet to find a carrier that doesn’t kill my back (being small framed).

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