WAHM Spotlight; The Bumtique Cloth Diapers Review

This is not a sponsored post. This is my diaper and my opinions of the experience we have had with these diapers. I have included photos of one of our actual diapers and included links to help you find info on this shop.

*3 Days after posting this review and collaborating with this WAHM for information she announced that she is closing her shop*
     WAHM bam, thank you….work at home Moms! This series features amazing Moms who craft quality items and income for their families by running small businesses. This post features The Bumtique cloth diapers. These are amazing pocket diapers that will quickly become your go to prints for special occasions, doctor appointments or just plain fun. 

     When I wanted to purchase my first cloth diapers I researched brands. I didn’t want to spend the money we had allocated for cloth on a product that would fail, or have poor customer service. I took advice from others and purchased a popular brand of mainstream cloth diapers that run around $18 each. After months of use, the condition of these diapers faded and was surpassed by my WAHM brands. My hand-made diapers looked and acted newer then their factory made competitors.

     The Bumtique cloth diapers were my first WAHM purchase. I admit that I was nervous when ordering. I feared that they wouldn’t last, or that if something went wrong I would lose my investment. When a deal was offered on her website to purchase 2/$25 I had to go for it. After several months went by they I was so happy to find that they still looked amazing…and worked great on my babies! (insert jumping heel click here). I cold kick myself for not investing in an whole WAHM stash like the Bumtique pockets from the get-go. These diapers are USA made and help support a working Mom’s family.

    The Bumtique makes several cloth diaper items including baby legs, bibs, mama cloth, neck ties, suck pads, wipes and of course cloth diapers. The Bumtique pocket diapers are this WAHM’s staple and her Etsy Shop is stocked with whatever the mood brings to this sewing maven. They fit approximately 8-40 lbs like most cloth diapers, but this margin is ultimately determined by the shape and proportions of your baby. These can be custom or pre-made and The Bumtique offers sizes including newborn, regular and can custom make trainer sized baby/toddler diapers.
     One of my favorite features of The Bumtique diapers are the large pocket opening. It makes stuffing the diapers fast and easy, and even my husband can fit his big hand in to help stock our clean diapers! You can see the size of the opening below, nice and wide. I easily fit a combination of inserts in to accommodate my well hydrated babies without getting stuck on the PUL or pulling at the stitching around the opening. 
     Another feature of The Bumtique diapers is the snap arrangement. The top row features the waist snaps. Directly underneath are 3 ‘female’ and 1 ‘male’ snap rows. If you notice, the male snaps are on the bottom and snap up the ladder of ‘female’ snaps, giving lots of rise fit options. When I snap up a row, I almost fold the material in. I had initially purchased diapers with a row of 3-rise snaps and this caught me off guard at first, but I have come to appreciate the clean fold this offers and really like that it snaps nearly between baby’s legs and not visibly on the front of the diaper.
     One feature I really appreciate are crossover snaps. These snaps allow the diaper to fit on small waists and also offer the option to neatly roll up dirty diapers on the go. What do you do with a poopy diaper in the middle of a store? You roll it up, snap the cross over snaps and toss it into your wetbag until you can spray it at home. This helps with odor control and helps keep your wetbag and hands poo free.
         The Bumtique diapers are constructed of several layers. The innermost layer is supersoft microfleece. This lining color varies and is matched to the diaper design and pattern. It’s a stay-dry fabric so baby’s bottom isn’t touching wet fabric to the degree it does with a prefold. The outer-layer is waterproof polyurathane laminate (PUL) and on diapers with intricate designs there is an inner-layer of PUL as well.
     The Bumtique diapers can be made with any combination of insert fibers you like.  I often use a combination of materials, especially for my well hydrated baby and for trips with my toddler. I have an abundance of inserts at home and haven’t ordered any from this shop, however my favorite combination is a microfiber paired with a cotton doubler. I use the microfiber on top in the pocket (closest to baby) and place a natural fiber underneath it for maximum absorbency. Insert preferences seem to vary from parent to parent, make sure to talk to the shop owner to get the best fit for you.
     If you follow my blog, then you know I love a shop run by a Mom. The Bumtique shop owner Angela is a Mom to 4 kids (….and she sews….I know right…Super Mom)! She has an 8 month old girl, and two boys 4 and 9 and is the step-Mama to a 13 y/o boy. She loves to sew, especially for others and enjoys seeing her diapers in-action on her facebook page. They are made by her hands in USA and ship straight from Missouri! She is very active with her customers and even runs a chatter and BST page on facebook. She also loves to spend time with her family and catch an occasional movie or James Patterson book. I love watching for action shots she shares of her sewing process, or shots of upcoming work on her FB page.
     Please show this WAHM some love and visit her Etsy Shop, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. If you have any questions or want to custom order, she’s great at customer service so send her a message through her e-mail (thebumtique@gmail.com), shop or right on FB. If you’re looking for a customer diaper or custom decal your imagination is the limit. Unlike some embroidered diapers, she often does hand-cut and sewn emblems and designs. If you see one you like….get it before it’s gone!
     As always thanks for stopping by, and I love to chat about wonderful products for babies!
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