The Best Manly Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men

I have very manly men in my life. My Dad’s favorite hobby is chopping wood and my husband is a contractor. I’m always looking for new ways to wash concrete out of denim. In addition, I have 4 sons and even the cat is a boy. Finding manly Valentine’s Day gifts for men can be challenging. I get tired of giving the same gifts year after year. I mean, how many new chain saws and football jerseys can one man have? In addition, my husband’s surprise face when he opens new underwear is 100% unnatural and I need to give him something to smile about. This is a sponsored post.

The Best Manly Valentine's Day Gifts or Men

     This Valentine’s Day, I’ve made shopping for manly gifts easy in this Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men guide. Yes, you can buy a new ax, Carhartt jacket or more socks…or you can get something unique and fantastic. In addition to attention to detail and quality, these pieces are unique and you will not find these items on the shelves at Walmart. So, what do you get your manly man for V-Day?

     The Grooming Man

     I was just shopping for my husband at Target. “Get me body wash that smells good.” Oh, I tried…and left empty handed. Not the case with the Working Man’s Hygiene Kit: “This all-natural set was created by a mechanic who let his dirty, damaged paws drive his inspiration to design products for dudes.” Both eco-friendly and effective, this will raise your man’s grooming level to superb. This kit is handmade in New Hampshire exclusively for Uncommon Goods and boasts top ratings. Find more Valentine’s Day men’s gifts on their website.

    For the Beer Lover

      For the man who loves beer, and wants to try his hand at brewing. This IPA Brewing kit comes at a great price and is made in Orlando, FL with the highest quality ingredients derived stateside. ” Transformed through the simple techniques and included equipment, the finished ale brandishes a delightfully complex hop profile with citrus, floral, and spicy notes.” This kit makes one gallon, or 12 bottles, and can be shared or treasured individually. It also comes in Oktoberfest, Southern Bourbon and Texas Chipotle. Find the whole selection of beer enthusiast gifts in their shop.

For the Outdoorsman

          I have a brother who hikes and we have lots of hunters in the family. They’ll tell you that a carabiner clip and compass are must-have’s on the trail. A smartphone is only good when you have reception, but a multi-tool never fails! “Packed with trail-ready tools, this gadget combines seven tools at your disposal, including a watch, bottle opener, knife, screwdriver, compass, tweezers, and a toothpick all in one design.” It can be clipped to keys, belt loop or a tactical vest, has a lobster claw clasp, stainless steel case, quartz movement and is water resistant to 30 meters.

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The best manly Valentien's Day Gifts for men gift guide. Manly men have special needs and love manly gifts. Check out this gift guide and the unique items from a wonderful shop.

For the Grill Lover and Cook

     Does your Man love a grilled steak or tofu patty for that matter? Can’t grill outside because it’s snowing? Using an indoor cast iron grill pan can give you great flavor, like the grill, without having to go outside to cook. Cast iron is well known for developing and keeping great flavor that gets better and better with use. This pan can cook your favorite T-bone, Venison or bacon indoors! It comes with a wooden trivet that allows you to bring it right to the table! This is a great Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men!

For the Man on the Go

     Need Valentine’s Day Gifts for Men that are solar powered? If the man in your life travels, access to a plug may be limited. This is an eco-friendly way to gather solar energy and charge your phone. I know my husband often works on new construction sites that don’t have working electricity where this would be useful and this would also be great for mowing the lawn or other outdoor activities that are outlet-free.

     I’ve compiled a list of fantastic manly Valentine’s Day gifts for men from a wonderful shop, Uncommon Goods. If you follow my website, then you know I love to promote Made in the USA and eco-friendly companies. Uncommon Goods has their headquarters in Brooklyn, NY in the historic Army terminal and is a founding B Corp. They pride themselves on treating both people and the environment well. They provide 50% above minimum wage starting salary for seasonal workers, they support and respect artists, half of their catalog items are handmade, 1/3 of their collection is recycled/upcycled and many of their items are made in the USA. Their thoughtfulness comes through in their catalog and they have the most unique selection of items available.

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Make sure to read my Romantic Valentine’s Day Gifts and the best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Crunchy Moms and I love to read your comments below!





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4 years ago

My husband gets nothing because he is a big poop about holidays and gifts. Maybe I will get him a bottle of whiskey, which he likes.


Finding gifts for my husband is always such a challenge. These are fantastic ideas and I know my husband would be so thrilled to receive the beer brewing kit. Thank you for taking all of the pain out of gift giving!!!

4 years ago

Great ideas!! The IPA kit would be a winner with my husband.

melissa l
melissa l
4 years ago

Thank you for all these great ideas! I’m always wondering what to get my hubby! Now I have a few ideas, lol

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