Usborne Children’s Book Review and Giveaway!

I was provided with the review books you see photographed here. I have not been paid to create this review, these are my honest opinions, company information from their site along with links so you can learn more about them, and some creative ideas. All photos have been taken and edited by me, have a fun time.

Image from Usborne Books

     Do your children love books as much as mine do? We read so often that our books actually get worn out! I am very excited to have the opportunity to review Usborne books and share this company with you. What are Usborne books you ask? Have you seen or heard chatter about the book; Everybody Poops? Then you may already be familiar with the brand! “Usborne is the biggest and most successful independent publisher in the UK.” (1) As you will see the selection and quality are impressive and with nearly 2000 titles to choose it’s fun and easy to start a great collection! 

     With all the technological options available for kids, books are a welcome break from the overstimulating lights and sounds of musical toys and Ipads. Anyone who wonders; Why purchase a book when children can read on an notepad, learn on the computer or watch a movie? Simply holding a quality book like those seen here in your hands instantly opens your lap for little ones. Reading a book with a child is an imaginative and loving adventure for all..and creates a learning environment that Siri just can’t compete with. 

      For this article, I have been working with my friend Deborah who is a consultant for Usborne Books. Consultants are one of the fantastic things about the Usborne company. You can have direct access to someone you know and trust for advice and help with their product line. In addition to shopping on her site, you can also host a party (in home or online) and benefit from party purchases by earning free book credit! How do you host a party online? These parties can be held on Facebook as a way to connect with friends and family across the country and allows readers to gather with friends over the web without worrying about babysitters or finding a meetup spot. 
     Okay, so let’s get to these books! The books I am reviewing are the The Usborne Big Book of Big Dinosaurs and Caterpillars and Butterflies. The Usborne Big Book of Big Dinosaurs is a fantastic read for both children and adults. As you can see in the photos below, the images are not only colorful and fun, but they fold out for a great display of Dinosaur species and life. My 3 year old finds these pages really exciting and I have to admit that I enjoy reading it with him too!

     This book is exciting for my children and for me! It contains colorfully illustrated images of dinosaurs along with facts and information good for adults too. It’s perfect for a wide range of ages. My 3 year old enjoys the information, my 8 m/o enjoys the images and we all enjoy the time spent together! Many pages throughout the book fold out into these 4 panel dino displays that make turning the page really exciting as the creatures nearly pop out at you.

     One of my favorite things about books, is the ability to combine a great read with a fun activity. Why not use the Dinosaur book and follow up with making Dinosaur paintings, a museum visit or online learning? The potential is as limited as your imagination, and if I’m short on ideas my kids are full of wonderful ways they would love to learn.
     I selected the book Caterpillars and Butterflies because this informative and fun read can be combined with movies we already own and great projects for home! We have a great ‘Elmo butterfly movie’ as my 3 year old calls it, and received the Red Milkweed seeds we ordered to do our part in helping the Monarch Butterflies right before this book arrived! 
     If you have been keeping up with the growing danger to the Butterfly population, then you may be aware that milkweed appears to be the only food for Monarch butterfly larvae. My kids and I read the butterfly book, planted our Milkweed seeds and will enjoy watching butterflies complete their lifecycle using our Usborne book for reference. What an amazing lesson, right?! Learn more about the Live Monarch Project and start your own less on at home!

     So how do you purchase these fantastic books or others from the Usborne line? You can go directly to Deb’s website , reach her through email and sign up for email updates to get great news right to your inbox. The collection of amazing books is extensive and includes a wide range of ages, exclusive titlesseasons including Christmas and even come in Spanish! Books come in a variety of bindings and options, use the helpful chart below and as always….thank you for stopping by!

Image from Usborne Books

Thanks for stopping by and there is a tool to enter below!! One winner will win a $20 credit to Usborne books (which believe it or not is just about what these two beauties cost!!) Book prices start at just a few dollars and go up from there! With over 2000 titles it’s easy to get enveloped in the site, beautiful books! Please respond within 48 hours, winner will be contacted via e-mail and announced here when they respond to me. USA residents and entries will be verified by yours truly. As always, thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful day!!

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