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Natrol extra strength turmeric CurcuWIN is a natural supplement made from tumeric. Tumeric is well known for being an anti inflammatory with many health benefits and CurcuWIN is thought to be the best and most effective derivative from turmeric. Why a derivative? This company reports that this increases absorption and effectiveness once inside the body and benefits include supporting a “…normal healthy inflammatory response as well as cellular, heart and joint health” (1). Find out more in this sponsored post. Contains affiliate links.

tumeric curcuwin

     I’m not a supplement junkie. I like a shake here and there, I try to drink one a day but life gets in the way. I’ve taken different vitamins and supplements but never felt like one made a huge difference in how I felt and functioned. I’ve often considered taking Tumeric because I have read about all of the benefits and the biggest one that attracts me is reduced inflammation. Not just inflammation like joint pain, but inflammation throughout the body. Who doesn’t want to be less inflamed?

     With more research, I learned that not all Tumeric is created equal. CurcuWIN is more “bioavailable” which simply means that your body is supposed to be able to use more of it more effectively. The product supplement also has high manufacturing standards. This product’s claims are not an FDA evaluated, but has been researched by the company in their own clinical trials. Information about Tumeric CurcuWIN on Natrol’s website provides just a few sentences about the product. However, I found more information about CurcuWIN from OmniActive who has branded the ingredient and created the graphic below.

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Does it really work?

     According to OmniActive, they use UltraSol technology which “…is a unique technology that converts lipophilic compounds and poorly absorbed nutrients to water dispersible ingredients for enhanced bioavailability.” (2) What I did not find were statistics from the actual studies but I am still searching. Questions I have are regarding the number of participants in the trials, length and how they measured outcome. Studies with high numbers of diverse participants over long periods tend to be more reliable than those with a small number of non-diverse participants in short studies.

Will I smell like Tumeric or taste it?

     When I received my sample bottle, I first opened it and smelled the capsules. I expected to smell something reminiscent of curried chicken, but there was little to no odor. The capsules are small and easy to open. I examined the powder and tasted it. The powder has no flavor and left no aftertaste. Great, right? When I finished taking photographs I rinsed the remaining powder into the sink…where it stained the white bowl. It took a few days for the color to disappear and I thought…this is potent stuff!

References seen in text above:

  1. Natrol, 2/27/2017, https://www.natrol.com/products/extra-strength-turmeric/
  2. OmniActive, 2/27,2017, http://omniactives.com/curcuwin

This post makes no health claims. It is not meant to diagnose or treat any condition.

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4 years ago

Always love a good review on a natural supplement. I alwyas have good intentions of trying but then get nervous when just reading off the products website, always like a “real persons” point of view not just from the manufacturer!

4 years ago

My husband was telling me about Tumeric’s benefits and I was curious to research more, so thank you for this blog post!

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