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Tula Explore vs Ergo 360 – Picking the Best Forward Facing Carrier

Tula Explore vs Ergo 360 – Picking the Best Forward Facing Carrier

Tula recently released the Tula Explore, their forward facing carrier. Tula made a splash with the Free-to-Grow, an adjustable seat baby carrier that fits from newborn through toddlerhood, but was missing the forward facing option many babywearers look for in carriers like the Ergo 360.

Why is forward facing important? When baby is facing towards you, it’s a great time to snuggle and take a nap. However, as baby gets more curious he or she may want to see the world around them. What a perspective they get from facing forward!

See the Tula Explore vs the Ergo 360 here and decide which carrier is best for you!

tula explore vs ergo 360

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Babywearing parents shopping for a forward facing carrier just got another option! The crazy popular brand Tula released the Tula Explore carrier that features an adjustable seat and the option to forward face baby. Is the Tula Explore better than the Ergo 360? Here’s a comparison!

One of the major differences between these two carriers is the way the seat itself adjusts. As you can see in the Tula free to grow review, the seat adjusts using snaps. The fabric slides along a strap and snaps into place. In the Ergo 360, the seat adjusts to be more narrow or wide with velcro style attachments. The velcro is a more smooth attachment and can’t be felt like some snap users report. I had to turn to the product manual to find out the seat adjustment info, I didn’t see it right on the tula website or in any demo’s as of yet.

Another large difference between the tula explore and the ergo 360 is the need for an infant insert. While the Ergo 360 states that it needs an infant insert to be used with a newborn, like the free to grow, the carrier does not require an infant insert for newborn babies. Using an insert may be a personal preference and you may find that you desire something to boost baby, but it’s not listed on the site or instructions as a requirement.

While both carriers have a hood and pocket, Omni 360 version, Tula has their well known detachable hood. This allows for customization and the ability to get aftermarket accessories for the carrier that match each other.

Both carriers come in a nice selection of prints and colors and can be found for around the same price range. The Tula Explore is more limited since it just released but it will be in more shops soon!

tula explore vs ergo 360

(Above Tula Explore without insert – Below Ergo 360 bundle with newborn insert)

tula explore vs ergo 360

 Tula ExploreErgo 360
Facing InYes (NB+) Yes (0+ Months with insert, 4+ Months without insert)
Forward FacingYes (4 - 12 Months)Yes (5+ Months)
Back CarryYes (6M - 4Y)Yes (6+ Months)
Hip CarryNoYes, (6+ Months)
Weight Range7 - 45 lbs7 - 45 lbs
Adjustable SeatYes - SnapsYes - Velcro
HoodYes - removableYes
Machine WashableYesYes
Price Tag$179 (Tula site)$160 - $180 Omni (Ergo site)
Pocket IncludedYes attachedYes removable
Waistband Size (for caregiver)27 - 57"26 - 52"
Shoulder Straps20" - 49"28" - 48"
Use from birth?Yes Yes - Infant insert needed


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