Top 5 Reasons Breastfeeding Moms Should Cover Up

Top 5 Reasons Breastfeeding Moms Should Cover Up

It’s everywhere these days. Women brazenly feeding their hungry babies. The nerve! They should have respect and make that baby cry and wait to eat. Even celebrities are endorsing breastfeeding. Why? Breast Milk is well known to be the best food for baby. Despite attempts by formula companies to mimic breast milk, and profit from babies, they just can’t reproduce the antibodies, customization to baby and the emotional bond that comes from providing Mama milk. In addition to these benefits, it comes in two great perfect temperature containers with the lowest wait time around! Talk about fast food. In addition, while it’s easy to forget many things when traveling with baby, breasts are one thing you don’t have to worry about. They’re conveniently located on your chest and you can’t leave home without them.


   We all know that breast milk is the best food for baby however, babies don’t just stay home. In fact, they go where Mom (aka their food source) travels. Babies can be found in the supermarket, big box stores like Target and even parks and movies. While baby is out and about, they need to eat just as frequently as they do at home. In addition, Babies don’t care if you’re in the middle of Target shopping the clearance section…the time to eat is Now! As a nursing Mom myself, I know there are many reasons breastfeeding Moms should take cover. Zero of them have to do with the tent-like nursing cover all of my children have despised.
Here are the Top 5 Reasons Breastfeeding Moms Should Cover Up…or should I say take cover:

1. Frost-Bitten Nipples:

  • Picture this: You’re in Antarctica and there is a high risk for frostbite and baby is hungry. No one wants a frost bitten boob or baby. Time to jump into a tent, under about 100 parka jackets or simply don’t go to Antarctica. Live in a cold part of the country? I do! Cover up those boobies, and baby, when temps get chilly. Or simply nurse somewhere warm, like a store or restaurant if you’re out and about. I have some great nursing tops that have a front-flap that allows me to keep warm, hood and all, while getting enough breast out for baby to nurse. Affiliate banner below

2. Mosquito Madness:

  • It’s the middle of summer and there are mosquitoes everywhere. Itchy mosquito bitten breasts sound uncomfortable. Also…it’s not a good idea for baby to be subject to these vamperous insects either. I would suggest covering with a mosquito net or wearing some baby safe bug repellent to ward off these creatures and a case of itchy boobs.

3. Open Boobffet

  • If you nurse multiple children like I do, and you don’t want to start a feeding frenzy…one of the best ways to keep multiple children from bombarding you as you watch TV is to cover the girls up. I keep one covered and nurse baby on the other. My toddlers accept that the other breast is “sleeping” and I even make some soft snoring noises to ensure them that it’s not time for a free-for-all with Mama’s milk. I set my tandem baby on a schedule so my 2 year old can nurse, but not as often as my newborn.

4. Sun Burn Milk Makers

  • It’s a real thing. If you are sensitive or allergic to sunlight, then by all means take precautions to avoid symptom-causing sunshine levels. If this means keeping the girls under wraps, or under a sun-shade go for it. Wait until dusk to let the ladies run free and have some open-air nursing time, head indoors or carry an umbrella to keep the girls covered and free from dangerous UV rays. Instead of nursing outdoors in direct sunshine, carry an umbrella, a gigantic hat or nurse under a shaded tree to prevent having Sun Burn on your Boobies…and baby!

 5. High-Velocity Projectiles

  • With climate change progressing rapidly, there are always risk for changing weather. Hail storms, rain, small meteors and maybe even windy conditions can send projectiles flying right into your breasts. This is not only an undesirable for the girls, but baby too! Cover up with a shield or other device to avoid becoming the victim of high velocity projectiles.

While this post is satirical, it does shed some light on a very important topic. Nursing in public. There are some who seem to think that because bottles exist, baby doesn’t have to nurse from the breast and Moms who do so are violating some non-existent rule. To which I reply, Jesus was breastfed and Formula is a fairly new invention in the timeline of human existence. Babies used to be only breastfed! It’s only recently that people feel justified in shaming nursing Moms. In addition, breastfeeding is more than eating, it’s love, it’s antibodies for a baby’s immune system and even regulates temperature and changes as baby grows. It’s AMAZING!

Thank you to all the Moms who help Normalize Breastfeeding and the lobbyists who help make movement in legislation. I can’t wrap my mind around the idea that someone would see a nursing Mom as anything but normal, but they’re out there! Make sure to know your State Laws, in Pennsylvania our state has it written that any nursing Mom may expose one breast to nurse a child anywhere the public is allowed, and many other states do too!

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