Top 10 Gifts for Toddler Boys

     Shopping for 3 boys, 3 and under can be challenging! We have tested and tried many toddler boy toys and some have definitely stood out. While many toys look nice in the store, not all toys can withstand heavy play, encourage imagination, and fit in our budget. I have compiled this list of our top 10 favorite gifts for toddler boys to share some of our trials and experience with you! Some of these items we stumbled on, and others are tried and true favorites. I hope you find something here that your little one will love, we have these in our home and personally think they’re fantastic!

 Okay okay, I know what you’re thinking. It’s wrong to differentiate toys as “boys” and “girls” toys…and that either gender can prefer or play with any toys. My boys certainly have some toys that would be considered /girls’ toys, and I know some young ladies who prefer ‘boy’ toys.
      I did want to however comprise a list of toys that MY 3 boys absolutely love! These items have endured heavy play, continue to be favorites even as other toys enter the house, and I would recommend to anyone’s Holiday list!! These photos are from my Amazon affiliate account (meaning I would get a very small percentage if you used them) and link directly to the page on Amazon!

1. Bruder Trucks

   Our gateway truck was this fantastic recycler that has endured heavy play for over a year! We have continued to add to our collection, and each truck continues to amaze us. I was familiar with Tonka and knew nothing about this brand, now I can’t say enough!

2.  Transformers

     We have recently become a ‘transformer’ household. Finding transformers that are appropriate for my 3 year old has been really challenging! These small Rescue Bots are easily transformed, even my 2 year old can do them, and very reasonably priced!

3. Step 2 Folding Slide

   This slide has been a fantastic investment for our family. We keep it indoors in the winter and our kids have lots of fun being active indoors when it’s just too cold to venture outside!
 4. Mega Blocks

     All 3 of my boys are crazy about Mega Blocks! They’re everywhere. From building towers, to more complex structures, these inspire imagination…and for the price, they make an awesome gift!
5. Bounce House

     On cold days in the North East, when it’s wayyyy to cold to go  outside, but my little ones have lots of energy…we have an 8 x 8 bounce house that they use indoors! Make sure to measure floor to ceiling and room size to ensure a good fit and safe installation, turn on some music and have a bounce party….indoors!
6. Tablet

     Tablets can be invaluable learning tools! From learning to read to problem solving and social skills….there’s an app for everything! Make sure to get enough memory for all those apps and tablets like the kindle (black tablet) come ready for Amazon prime services and over 100,000 free apps!

7. CAT Trucks

     This truck is a huge hit with my boys. The baby plays with it, my toddlers play with it, and it’s held up really well! The back opens and the top floor lifts up for great imaginative play! We loooooove trucks in our house!

8. Musical Instruments

     Music is a really fun activity for my kids! Weather we’re having official music time together, playing along to music, or they’re playing with these independently…these two items are huge hits in our house and have held up well! This Remo kids tom and Melissa and Doug band in a box are huge hits with my kids!


9. Art Supplies

     These Crayola items are something I purchase again and again. The colors are beautiful, my kids love using them, and we have an entire wall covered in their artwork. Few things inspire like paper, paint and imagination!

10. Play House
     We got an amazing deal on this Neat and Tidy Cottage last year and actually assembled it inside! It inspires imagination. It has a doorbell, phone, door and shutters that open and close and a sink. It’s also large enough that all 3 of my boys can play with at once, and it has held up really well. Assemble it the night before and put a big red bow on top! 

     That concludes our list of favorites! I hope some of these items have inspired you and…As always…thanks for stopping by! I always appreciate a follow on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and love to network on Google and LinkedIn. Have a fantastic Holiday season a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, and a Fantastic New Year! 

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